The Sleeping Giant

They say hindsight is 2020. No way of describing 2021 can be better than this. For many years now I’ve followed the course of human events, only taking time out here and there to intensely study those events that came before my time. And through it all I’ve been patiently waiting, wondering which event will finally awaken the sleeping giant.

I watched as a mysterious young congressman skilled at linguistic manipulation mesmerized the world with powerful rhetoric and rode a messianic wave of popular support into the office of the most powerful leader in the free world. I watched as the people continued to be mesmerized by this silver-tongued liar while he openly boasted about transforming America forever. And I wondered. How could people of good conscience fall for the lies?

I watched as this young man committed Treason after Treason in our name. And I watched as he assembled a cabal of the most wicked and vile characters to ever hold office. I watched as he trampled our liberties for 8 long years, and I wondered, after the corruption we have seen from the previous administrations in my lifetime alone, when would that giant awaken?

Sleeping, But Not Dead

Then, something happened that even I couldn’t expect. Donald J. Trump, a well-known businessman and public figure wins in his bid for the office of the 45th President of the United States. It quickly became clear that he wasn’t supposed to win, as the entire system goes ballistic like an assaulted hornet’s nest.

This was a great turning point in American history that is now furiously being worked against by a cabal of elites that recognize it means their time is now short to complete their New World Order. Donald Trump’s presidency, as I mentioned in my previous post, was the proverbial monkey wrench in the gears of the system. Unfortunately, his short term in office was but a speed bump on our crash course with destiny.

We may have averted disaster for a short while, but the (S)election of Joe Biden should prove to anyone that our government was hijacked by a subversive cabal as early as 2008 and only momentarily lost power under Trump. The first black American President was a Trojan Horse. They had obviously planned on handing the baton of power over to the true orchestrators of this plan in (S)electing Hillary. Because let’s face the truth, this woman and those she surrounds herself with have had their hands in this conspiracy for decades.

Good Morning, COVID-19 Calling. This Is Your Wake Up Call.

Well, perhaps the time has come and the sleeping giant is now awakening. The opiates are losing their power and the dream world is fading. The Hoax that is COVID-19, the massive onslaught of media propaganda, and the apparent human experimentation that’s followed has millions of us alarmed and questioning our understanding of reality. You and many like you have grown concerned and begun to question the things we’ve long taken for granted. I assure you, you aren’t alone, even though it may feel like it.

The fact is, they want you feeling this way. Alone and defeated, without hope for rescue. The censorship, the masks, the social distancing, it’s all meant to keep you in fear of one another so you don’t gather and speak your minds openly about what you see. They want you disempowered and divided because you’re easier to control that way.

You have to understand, in the post-2008 world you are no longer a consumer or an audience. You’re a target. None of the systems you live under are for your benefit. There’s a reason that the only advances in modern technology over the past 30 years have been for the purpose of control and surveillance. Those systems were presented to you as services and technologies for your benefit, but in reality they were using your feedback to perfect a weaponized system to be turned against you.

Enemy Combatants Of A Dystopian New-Normal

This might come as an uncomfortable shock to many of you, but your “new-normal” is that of an enemy combatant. Yes, war has been declared on you. It’s only just begun, and it won’t end unless this Globalist system is prevented from ever existing. Do not misunderstand. The Globalist system that people like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates are working to build must NEVER be allowed to exist because it will produce a never-ending war.

By simple virtue of its existence alone, a centralized global system of power will be the most tyrannical and powerful government this world has ever known. There can be no possible way to form a functioning, OPEN and FREE government for ALL people on the planet. Free elections and human liberty will be a thing of the past. There will inevitably be dissenters and splitters. And in the end, the Globalist system will follow its fate towards perpetual open conflict with its own citizens. Total extermination of the opposition can be the only resolution.

For better or worse, this means you need to fight back if you wish to survive and leave a future for your progeny. War has been declared and you are the enemy combatant, so you really need to start considering what that means. This is an unconventional war in a high-tech environment, and the weapons being used against you are far more subtle than brute force and firepower.

The 21st Century Battlefield

If you wish to survive what comes next, one of the first things you must do is learn to identify the weapons being deployed against you. The weapons of the 21st century battlefield are nothing like the bombs and chemical agents that came before them. These weapons are invisible, and they predominantly target the mind. Remember, the key objective in this new war is to disempower you, create insurmountable division, and discourage dissent.

One of the first weapons you must recognize is the manipulation of language. Linguistic Manipulation and Neuro-Linguistic Programming are but two examples of this weaponized form of language.  An example of this could come in a statement such as, “No one deserves better treatment than anyone” rather than saying, “No one deserves worse treatment than anyone”. The difference is subtle but the twisting of truth and reality can be seen once you recognize you’re being manipulated.

In the first statement, you may notice that you are roused to jealousy towards those you perceive to be treated better than others. This emotional statement is designed to elicit feelings of anger and unfairness towards those enjoying the benefit of good treatment. The second statement on the other hand, rouses feelings of indignation towards those committing injustice against others. The first is a call to attack the innocent by those who would treat people badly, and the second is a true call for justice.

This weaponized method of manipulating language is being targeted at us through a broad range of sources. The Mainstream Media, or the MSM, has long been a prime source of this weaponized form of propaganda. Now consolidated into a mega-conglomerate of media corporations, the MSM has been operating as the psychological warfare division of the State since at least 2009.

The True Nature Of The Virtual Public Square

Among the many other weaponized systems we once thought were for our benefit are the Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Hiding behind Constitutional exemptions for private entities, these dominant corporations prey on human rights after monopolizing the public square. Here, they separate us into echo-chambers of radical ideas with no voice of reason to calm the fevered ideations.

These echo-chambers have become a training ground for A.I. while they impose evermore restrictive and tyrannical censorship on what we’re allowed to think, know, and say. You may recognize this, as do many others. But you must get to the point where the thought of supporting this anti-human system with your participation becomes so odious that you balk at the mere thought of visiting their networks.

Because as surely as I am here sharing this with you, I tell you that you are NOT the customer of Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey. In reality, what you are is chattel to them. A commodity to be bought and sold. They don’t serve you, you serve them. Their REAL customers paid them to build their networks and study you so that they could better enslave you.

A Breeding Ground For Unrest

You may have noticed that during the summer of 2020, social media networks were abuzz with Social Justice movements organizing in secretive social groups, and anyone that spoke out against the ensuing unrest was immediately silenced and prevented from speaking. Which brings us to a manifestation of the weaponized linguistics previously mentioned.

While it may seem counter-intuitive that the widespread protests that America and other nations saw last year were allowed to occur while gatherings for church, holidays, and funerals were sometimes violently opposed, there is a very good and simple explanation for this. It was allowed to happen because the cabal guiding this downward spiral wanted it to happen. Occam’s Razor, pure and simple.

“Why would they want that to happen?”, you might ask. The answer again is simple. For part of the nation it was a pressure valve that the MSM allowed you to live vicariously through, while you suffered in loneliness during quarantine. For the other part of the nation, it was a stark warning of what will be unleashed on you if you fail to comply.

Are You Ready To Fight Back?

I can’t stress this enough. You ARE an enemy combatant in this new war, whether you like it or not. But you need to know, there are ways you can fight back without taking up arms. It’s not time for that anyway. What you do need to do now is clearly see that YOUR enemies have declared themselves by targeting you. Recognize them, IDENTIFY them, and disavow them at all costs.

This may seem difficult at first, as you may have become incredibly dependent on many of them, as have most of us. But you CAN do this, and it could be that one small decision you make that changes the course of human history. Because your true power comes in the form of what you ALLOW to happen.

By recognizing some of the many ways in which this system we live under manipulates our thoughts and beliefs, we can begin to see how they herd us into accepting their plans for us, so that we remain silent when our liberties are trampled. We accept it by silence, compliance, and participation.

The Coming DDOS on the NWO Server

It’s time for the people of the world to reframe the battlefield in this war we’ve been unwillingly thrust into. It’s time  for us to deny our service to this Beast System. We need to recognize that we outnumber this cabal by 1,000,000:1. Nobody wants the fate we face except for a tiny fraction of a minority that possesses great power. But they can only succeed so long as the masses remain asleep at the wheel.

I think that you can feel the rumblings of a waking giant, just as I can. and I think you know what you must do. It is time for us to break away from this system for the hope and salvation of mankind. We may be enemy combatants, but we are only targets when we remain in the crosshairs.

What I mean by this is that you will only succumb to the New World Order if you remain a participant in its creation. And you do so by absorbing the manipulative language on a daily basis, then manifesting it into your reality by making it your ideology. Simply put, you need to GET OUT. There are many ways to do this, but you can start by turning off your television and not participating in social networks unless they’re local and in-person.

Then you need to step back from the world and focus on your family and your immediate community. There are greater things to concern yourself with than which box a particular celebrity wishes you to fit into. Take care of one another and concern yourselves with your necessities in life. Your true meaning will be found in the love you share with those around you, not online. And that is what this cabal so truly fears.

Turn On, Tune In, And Drop Out

Without you turning the cranks and greasing the wheels, that loud and clanking noise that rumbled through the earth on November 4th, 2016 would have never roused the sleeping giant, because the gears of the system wouldn’t have been moving. Thanks to that one history changing event, we now face a wonderous and uncertain future where two tremendous powers must face off for preeminence. It is now the masses of humankind against a tiny cabal of alien invaders, aka the Ass-Clowns. An Ass-Clown Invasion, if you will.

The future is truly uncertain. I don’t mean to foretell or prophecy. these things I share with you are neither. They are simply inevitabilities you must face should you chose to ignore your current predicament and allow the Ass-Clowns to reign unabated. just as surely as I can tell you the people inside a burning home will die if they do not escape, I am telling you now that you must resist what is to come.

What you need to do is completely detach and drop out of this system as soon as you can. Your biggest problem is going to be debt, because the amount of debt you possess is the equivalent to the value you have as a slave in the new system. Unload your debt as fast as you find possible. This is going to mean breaking your vices, but that will benefit your survival. Identify them and cut them away from your life.

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

The idea of Government being at the center of the human universe simply cannot exist in perpetuity. The only method of securing the continuing existence of the human species is by holding a family-oriented ideology at the heart of mankind’s existence. And the only way to achieve that is through a humble understanding that life, and the continuation of it, is a gift from someone greater than us.

You must abandon this system before it’s too late. For as long as you continue to participate it will continue to manifest itself as the Beast System we have all been warned would come. It simply can’t be described any other way. You need to understand that the system to come has no human emotion, it is born of a Global Communist Ideal, and it has no compassion for human life or liberty.

Government is an institution among men, for men. But it can only exist for the GOOD of men so long as there is a God that men follow and hold supreme in leadership among them. There really is only one threat to the power of government. You may think you’re the primary target in this new war, but you aren’t. It’s God they wish to bring down. Because they fear him. And when they replace God as the true creator of our reality, you will know the supremacy of government.

DO NOT let them achieve this victory.


Ryan Heltemes is a self-taught historian and inventor of the StealthFyre Modular Survival Stove System. He designed the survival system and offered it to the world in hopes that the technology would in some way benefit mankind in the coming atmosphere of events that he believes will unfold within our lifetimes. A life long survivalist, Ryan enjoys nothing more than to spend his free time in the outdoors alone and away from prying eyes, practicing the art of survival in a primitive environment.
His hope is that you would take the information found in his articles to heart, and change the way you think about life and the world you live in. He knows from first hand experience that when you do something as simple as this, you can change the world. In the end, it matters not if you buy a stove from him. What really matters is that you open your eyes to the reality around you.

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