Overlanding: The Most Fun You Can Have On Four Wheels

Overlanding has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. It offers a unique way to explore the world around you, and it’s an adventure that can be customized to fit your specific interests and desires. From the thrill of navigating challenging terrain to the simple pleasure of cooking and sleeping under the stars, overlanding has something to offer everyone.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Overlanding Is So Appealing

  • Freedom and Flexibility: With overlanding, you have the freedom to go where you want, when you want. You can travel at your own pace and adjust your itinerary as needed. This kind of flexibility allows you to truly enjoy the journey and not just the destination.
  • Connecting with Nature: Overlanding takes you to some of the most remote and beautiful areas in the world. You can see breathtaking landscapes and wildlife up close, experience local cultures, and immerse yourself in nature.
  • Sense of Adventure: Overlanding is all about getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new. The challenges that come with off-road driving and camping in remote areas can be exciting and rewarding, leaving you with unforgettable memories.
Prepare to get your tires wet, because some roads really are less travelled.

Overlanding is more than just a way to travel; it’s a lifestyle. It’s about the thrill of adventure and the sense of accomplishment that comes with self-sufficiency. When planning an overlanding adventure, there are several things to consider. For instance, you’ll want to consider the amount of gear you’ll need to bring, including food, water, and camping equipment.

Once you hit the road, the possibilities are endless. You can travel to remote locations and experience the beauty of nature in a way that’s impossible in other forms of travel. And when it’s time to make camp for the night, there’s nothing better than gathering around a warm fire and cooking a meal with friends and family.

Some Other Considerations

Even just a hammock will do, if you’re not expecting rain.

One of the best things about overlanding is that it’s customizable to your preferences. You can choose to go solo or with a group, and you can plan a trip that suits your skill and comfort level. But before you hit the road, there is one important thing to consider. And that’s your vehicle. It’s important to choose a vehicle that is reliable and capable of handling the terrain you’ll be traveling on. You’ll also need to make sure your vehicle is properly outfitted with the necessary gear, such as a winch and recovery straps, along with extra fuel and water.

Another important consideration is your camping setup. Overlanding often involves camping in remote locations, so it’s essential to have a sturdy and reliable shelter. A rooftop tent or ground tent can work well, but make sure to choose one that can withstand the elements and is easy to set up and take down. Additionally, having a reliable cooking system is essential, and this is where StealthFyre comes in.

Cook Anything, Do Anything

StealthFyre easily cooks breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the entire crew.

StealthFyre is an indispensable tool for any overlander. With its modular metal-based brick system for fire, you can easily build a stove to fit your specific needs. Whether you’re cooking up a quick meal or preparing a feast for the whole crew, StealthFyre makes it easy and fun. And with the ability to equip it with a grill and raise the level of the fire above the soil, you don’t have to worry about difficult soil conditions or fire restrictions.

Overlanding is an adventure like no other. With careful planning and the right gear, you can explore the world around you and create unforgettable memories. And with StealthFyre as your trusted cooking companion, you can enjoy delicious meals and a warm fire no matter where the road takes you.

A Survival Stove With Never Seen Before Capabilities

Introducing The StealthFyre Survival Stove

Are you looking for a reliable, versatile, and durable survival stove for your next camping or backpacking trip? Look no further than the StealthFyre survival stove. This innovative stove offers a never-seen-before level of capabilities and benefits in an extremely compact package. This makes it an essential tool for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists alike.

Some Benefits Of The StealthFyre Survival Stove

  • You can assemble it in a nearly limitless number of configurations
  • Uses several types of fuel including wood, charcoal briquets, alcohol and gas burning stoves, large propane burners, and solid fuel tablets
  • You can use it to make charcoal, which itself has many uses
  • Each kit can assemble two working rocket stoves simultaneously out of the box, providing two cooking surfaces for the price of one
  • Panels can be used for making mud and clay bricks of various shapes and sizes, along with containers for storing or moving material and resources
  • You can configure it into several sizes and shapes of lightweight rocket stove, windbreak, Dakota Fire Pit, standard barbecue, meat smoker, and potbelly stove
  • Assembled into a chimney of any length for the potbelly
  • You can use it as a kitchen sink for washing dishes and utensils
  • You can use different types of fuel and assemble it in various configurations, making it ideal for survival situations

StealthFyre Has Immense Value

StealthFyre deployed as a kitchen sink.

We cannot overstate the value of StealthFyre. In addition to its cooking capabilities, StealthFyre panels can be used to make mud bricks for primitive construction. You can also make containers for storing or moving resources. This is especially useful in a survival situation where resources may be scarce, and ingenuity is necessary for survival. The ability to make charcoal also opens up new possibilities for cooking and heating.

Two rocket stoves made with one Bush Runner kit.

The StealthFyre survival stove also offers an incredible value for its price. With each kit capable of assembling at least two working rocket stoves simultaneously out of the box, you get two cooking surfaces for the price of one, making it a great value for your money. And its lightweight and portable design makes it easy to carry with you on all your outdoor adventures, whether you’re camping, hiking, or in a survival situation. And with the option to add on additional panels or accessories, the possibilities for customization are endless.

StealthFyre Is A Game-Changer

The StealthFyre survival stove is a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists alike. StealthFyre is versatile, compatible with multiple types of fuel, and you can make bricks, containers, and charcoal with it. This all makes it an essential tool in any outdoor adventure or survival situation. Get your hands on a StealthFyre survival stove today so you can experience the never seen before capabilities of this amazing product.

Backpacking Safety: Don’t Die In The Woods

Backpacking can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it’s important to prioritize safety while out on the trail. Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or a beginner, following these backpacking safety tips can help ensure a safe and enjoyable trip into the great outdoors, and keep you from dying while you’re there.

Plan Ahead.

Have the right gear to find your way in the backwoods.

Research your route and the weather forecast before setting out. Make sure you know where you’re going and how long it will take to get there. Share your plans with someone who will not be joining you on the trip, in case of an emergency. Not doing so could mean getting lost and not having help to rely on, or worse.

Pack Appropriately.

Pack appropriately and carry only what you need.

Make sure you have all the necessary gear and supplies, including adequate food and water, a first aid kit, and appropriate shelter, clothing and footwear for the terrain and weather. Carry a map and compass and consider bringing a personal locator beacon (PLB) or satellite communicator for emergencies. Going into the backwoods unprepared could lead to a soggy, uncomfortable time. It could also lead to hypothermia and death.

Stay Hydrated.

Water is of utmost importance. Make sure to bring some or a way to procure it.

Dehydration can be a serious issue, especially in hot weather. Drink plenty of water and consider bringing water treatment tablets or a filter to purify any water you find along the way. If you don’t have purification tablets or a water filter, make sure to bring along a cloth to filter debris, and a small pot for boiling water. Never drink untreated water. A case of dysentery miles away from the nearest road is a recipe for disaster.

Know Your Limits.

Don’t push yourself too far. You’ll regret it the next day.

Don’t push yourself beyond your abilities or comfort level. Be honest with yourself about how far you can hike in a day, and take breaks as needed. Rest if you’re feeling tired or ill. The risk of ignoring the pain could mean days of suffering after the adventure is over, if you make it out alive.

Be Mindful Of Wildlife.

Ursus arctos, the Grizzly Bear. Your worst nightmare in the woods.

Learn how to avoid encounters with potentially dangerous wildlife, such as bears or snakes, and know what to do in case of an encounter. Always carry pepper spray in the woods, and make noise to alert animals of your presence. Keep a safe distance from wildlife and store your food properly to avoid attracting them to your campsite. Because nobody wants to wake up in the middle of the night and come face to face with a bear in camp.

Fire Safety Is A Top Priority.

Don’t ever be the one that burns down your favorite forest.

Always make sure to build your fire in a safe area, clear the surrounding area of any flammable materials, and keep a bucket of water or sand nearby to quickly extinguish the fire if necessary. Taking these precautions can help prevent forest fires and ensure a safe and enjoyable backpacking experience. Not taking these precautions means you’ll always be remembered as the one who burnt down the campground.

Practice Leave No Trace Principles.

Pack out all of your trash, and be mindful of how you impact the environment around you. Avoid damaging plants or disturbing wildlife, and camp at designated campsites where possible. A good way to leave no trace with your fire is to use a Dakota Fire Pit. Your fire will remain below ground where it can easily be buried, leaving no trace of fire.

StealthFyre is the best way to build a Dakota Fire Pit anywhere you need one.

Use StealthFyre.

If you want to ensure maximum safety during your backpacking trip, consider using a StealthFyre stove configured as a Dakota Fire Pit. The Dakota Fire Pit is a safe alternative to traditional campfires, as it is less likely to spread and can be easily controlled. With the StealthFyre stove, you can easily build a Dakota Fire Pit and enjoy the warmth and comfort of a fire while minimizing the risks of accidents or forest fires. The compact and portable design of the StealthFyre stove makes it the perfect tool for building a Dakota Fire Pit on the go, ensuring a safe and enjoyable backpacking experience wherever you camp.

Following these backpacking safety tips can help ensure a safe and enjoyable trip into the great outdoors. Remember to plan ahead, pack appropriately, stay hydrated, know your limits, be mindful of wildlife, use your fire safely, and practice Leave No Trace principles. And, for maximum safety, consider carrying a StealthFyre stove with you on your next backpacking trip. You’ll be glad you did.

The Wood Stove: Benefits of A Wood Fire


The Wood Stove: Benefits of A Wood Fire

When it comes to outdoor activities like camping, having a reliable source of heat is crucial. While there are many different types of fuel available, wood stoves are a popular choice for a number of reasons. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using a wood stove in the great outdoors.

First and foremost, wood is a readily available resource in many outdoor environments. With a little bit of effort, you can usually find enough fallen branches and twigs to build a fire and keep your wood stove going. This is especially convenient if you’re camping in a remote location where other types of fuel might not be readily available.

Spending nice time outdoors in chilly weather at a camping place – tranquil and peaceful scene

Another benefit of using a wood stove is that it produces a dry heat that can help to keep your camping gear and clothing dry. This is particularly useful if you’re camping in damp or wet conditions. Wood stoves also create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making them perfect for socializing and relaxing around the campfire.

Compared to other types of fuel, wood is relatively inexpensive and easy to store. You can often find free firewood in the wild, and even if you have to purchase it, it is usually cheaper than other types of fuel like propane or liquid gas. Additionally, wood is a renewable resource, so using it as fuel is a more sustainable choice than non-renewable sources.

wood stove
A small potbelly stove on top of a Dakota Fire Pit.

Finally, wood stoves are generally easy to use and maintain. With a little bit of practice, you can learn how to build a fire and keep it going in your stove. And because wood stoves have relatively simple designs, they are easy to repair and maintain if anything goes wrong.

But Which Wood Stove Is The Best Choice?

While there are many different types of wood stoves available, one that stands out from the competition is StealthFyre. Its modular design and infinite configurations make it ideal for camping and outdoor activities. Whether you’re in a primitive cabin shelter or tent, StealthFyre can be configured to fit your specific needs, and its clean-burning technology means you can enjoy a cozy fire without leaving behind a significant impact on the environment. Plus, its lightweight and portable design makes it easy to pack up and take with you on your next adventure.

Leave No Trace With A Dakota Fire Pit

Leave No Trace with the Dakota Fire Pit

When you’re out camping in nature, it’s important to always remember to leave no trace. This means minimizing your impact on the environment and leaving the campsite in the same condition, or better, than you found it. One way to achieve this is by using a Dakota Fire Pit.

A Dakota Fire Pit is a simple and efficient way to create a campfire while leaving no trace behind. It consists of a small hole in the ground with a second tunnel leading to it from the side. The fire-builder places the fire directly inside the hole, and the tunnel leading to the hole allows air to flow in and stoke the flames, resulting in a hot and efficient fire.

Benefits Of The Dakota Fire Pit

Leave no trace Dakota Fire PitThe Dakota Fire Pit has several benefits, including:

  1. The Dakota Fire Pit minimizes the impact on the environment by containing the fire within the pit, preventing damage to the surrounding soil and vegetation. The fire burns hotter and more efficiently, producing less smoke and ash.
  2. Leaving no trace involves containing the fire within the pit, eliminating the need to build a fire ring or leave charred wood and debris behind. After extinguishing the fire and letting the ashes cool, fill in the pit and return the surrounding area to its natural state.
  3. Containing the fire within the pit provides safer fire management by reducing the risk of accidental fires spreading outside the designated area.

By using a Dakota Fire Pit, you can enjoy a warm campfire while minimizing your impact on the environment and leaving no trace behind. It’s an easy and efficient way to practice Leave No Trace principles while camping.

StealthFyre Is a Leave No Trace Fire Pit

Using StealthFyre as a Dakota Fire Pit is a sustainable and eco-friendly way to create fire while leaving no trace. This efficient system burns cleanly, producing no smoke and leaving behind minimal ash. Because of its portability and reusable design, it’s an excellent option for minimizing your impact on the environment even further. So, if you want to enjoy a warm fire while camping without leaving a trace, consider using StealthFyre as a Dakota Fire Pit.

Survival Shelter Suitable For Indoor Fire

5 Survival Shelters Suitable For Indoor Fire, And How To Build Them

(Click through the links in this page to learn more about building these survival shelters)

When building a survival shelter, one of the most important considerations is how to start and maintain a fire. An indoor fire not only provides warmth but also offers cooking capabilities and can help ward off animals. Here are some types of survival shelters that are suitable for an indoor fire.


A Cabin on a mountain top.

A Cabin is a popular survival shelter that provides ample space and is perfect for harsh winter conditions. You can build it using various materials, including logs, branches, or tarp, and you can heat it with a wood stove or fireplace. To build a cabin, start by laying a foundation and then constructing the walls, roof, and door. Add insulation and a chimney for the stove or fireplace.

Earth Lodge

survival shelter
An Earth Lodge built by the Pawnee tribe.

You can construct an Earth Lodge from logs, sod, or adobe, creating a semi-subterranean structure. It offers exceptional shelter during cold or wet weather and can utilize a fire pit or stove for heating. To build an earth lodge, start by digging a hole and then building the frame and walls. Cover the roof with a layer of sod and add a vent or chimney for the fire.


survival shelter
Tipis under the Northern Lights

Native Americans used Tipis, a portable shelter made of animal hides or canvas. You can easily assemble and disassemble them, and they can be heated with a Dakota Fire Pit or camp stove. To build a tipi, start by laying down poles in a circular formation and then wrapping them in canvas or hides. Create a smoke hole at the top for ventilation.


survival shelter
An Igloo in the mountains.

An Igloo is a dome-shaped shelter made of snow blocks and is ideal for snowy conditions. It can be heated with a fire pit or stove, although the use of an open flame inside an igloo is not recommended. To build an igloo, start by compacting snow into blocks and then stacking them in a spiral formation to create a dome. Add a tunnel for entry and ventilation.


survival shelter
A Quinzhee in the forest.

A Quinzhee is a type of snow shelter made by digging out a pile of snow and then letting it harden(sinter) into a dome-shaped structure. It is suitable for snowy conditions and can be heated with a fire pit or stove. To build a quinzhee, start by piling up snow into a mound and then letting it harden for several hours. Dig out the inside to create a living space and add a tunnel for entry and ventilation.

Safety Is A Top Priority

When building an indoor fire in any of these shelters, safety is a top priority. Be sure to use proper ventilation and fire safety precautions. One way to make a safer and more efficient fire is by using StealthFyre. This portable wood stove allows you to build a chimney suitable for cabins, earth lodges, igloos, and quinzhees. The Dakota Fire Pit configuration of our stove can also be used in certain shelters such as the tipi. With the freedom to build your stove any way you choose, you can rest assured that you will have a warm and safe shelter in any survival situation.

Meeting the Rule of Threes for Survival

Meeting the Rule of Threes for Survival

As the saying goes, you can survive for three hours without warmth and shelter, three days without water, and three weeks without food. This is known as the “Rule of Threes” in survival situations. When it comes to warmth, water, and fire, StealthFyre is the ultimate tool to meet all three requirements.

Warmth And Shelter

Shelter is necessary to protect against harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. With the compact and lightweight StealthFyre stove, you can easily create warmth in your shelter. The stove’s unique design provides an efficient and smokeless fire that is easy to maintain. It withstands harsh conditions and extreme temperatures thanks to its durable materials.

Water, The Essence Of Life

Water is another essential requirement for survival. With the StealthFyre stove, you can boil water for purification, making it safe to drink. The stove’s efficient design allows it to boil water within minutes. This is essential when you need to replenish your water supply quickly.

Delicious, Cooked Food

The StealthFyre stove also helps you meet the requirement for cooking food. It’s not just any fire that you need, though. A smokeless and low-light fire is ideal in a survival situation. StealthFyre’s patent-pending design produces a smokeless fire that is almost invisible, and its small flame creates minimal light to avoid detection.

StealthFyre Is The Swiss Army Knife Of Survival

StealthFyre is a reliable tool that meets all three requirements of the Rule of Threes. It’s small and compact, making it easy to carry with you on any adventure. Its efficient and smokeless fire can provide warmth, shelter, and purified water in even the harshest conditions. Plus, it’s made of durable materials that can withstand extreme temperatures. It can also be configured in nearly limitless manners, making it the ultimate tool for any survival situation.

In conclusion, StealthFyre is an essential tool for meeting the Rule of Threes in survival situations. It’s compact, durable, and efficient, making it a must-have for any adventurer or survivalist. So, whether you’re planning a camping trip or embarking on a survival challenge, make sure you have the StealthFyre stove with you.


Tactical Gear for Escape and Evasion

StealthFyre: Tactical Gear for Escape and Evasion

When it comes to escape and evasion tactics, having the right tactical gear can make all the difference. Whether you’re stealth camping or escaping an enemy invasion, having the right gear can help you stay hidden, survive, and thrive in the wilderness. One piece of gear that stands out for its versatility and tactical advantages is the StealthFyre camp stove.

Modular camp stoves
Various Dakota Fire Pits Assembled With StealthFyre.

The StealthFyre camp stove is a modular stove that offers a range of configurations. You can create a rocket stove for efficient cooking, a Dakota Fire Pit for stealth and concealment, or a potbelly stove for warmth and comfort. The StealthFyre can be customized to meet your specific needs, making it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts who need a stove that can adapt to any situation.

Concealability Beyond The Ability Of Other Stoves

Our Origin Deluxe Kit.

The key advantage of the StealthFyre camp stove is its ability to be concealed and hidden in the wilderness. Based on the Dakota Fire Pit, this stove design allows for efficient burning of wood and other fuels while minimizing the smoke and light produced. You can cook your meals and stay warm without alerting potential threats to your presence.

The StealthFyre camp stove is also portable. Unlike traditional stoves, which can be bulky and heavy, the StealthFyre is lightweight and compact. This makes it easy to pack and carry, whether you’re going on a day hike or an extended camping trip.

StealthFyre Is Environmentally Friendly Tactical Gear

In addition to its tactical advantages, the StealthFyre camp stove is environmentally friendly. By using natural fuels like wood, you can reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and minimize your impact on the environment. This makes the StealthFyre an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts who are committed to preserving the wilderness for future generations.

Overall, the StealthFyre camp stove is an essential piece of tactical gear for any outdoor adventurer. Its versatility, portability, and tactical advantages make it an ideal choice for escape and evasion tactics. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or a beginner just starting out, the StealthFyre camp stove is the perfect addition to your gear collection.

It’s Not Just Your Best Option, It’s Your Only Option

When it comes to selecting the right tactical gear for escape and evasion, the StealthFyre camp stove is an excellent choice. Its tactical advantages, lightweight design, and versatility make it a valuable tool for any outdoor adventure. By choosing the StealthFyre, you can be confident that you have the gear you need to stay hidden, survive, and thrive in the wilderness.



The Ultimate Portable Stealth Fire

Stealth Fire: Why You Need To Know What It Is, And Why It’s So Important.

‘”On the run? Have you been labeled a target?
Maybe an operative for Russia because you didn’t support Hillary during the last election?
Perhaps you have been driven into bankruptcy and off your property, and must live off the land in some capacity. Perhaps you don’t want to draw looters or predatory opportunists to your camp.
In a worst case scenario, there could be martial law, or even a civil war in the country.'” – An excerpt from, Stealth Fire: How to Build a Concealed Campfire, and Other Tricks to “Stay Invisible”, by Freedom Outpost

I don’t think I could write a more succinct explanation of why knowing how to build a stealth fire is important today. With the current political atmosphere weighing heavily on the world and the very real possibility of global war and economic collapse, The entire world is one spark away from a conflagration.

Why then is knowing how to make a stealth fire so important for your survival? Well, first and foremost, it’s pretty much the only means by which you can secure a cooking and heating fire without alerting anyone to your presence. This is because it produces little to no smoke and the fire remains below ground, minimizing the light signature.

What you need to know about these abilities is pretty self-evident once you hear they exist. But what is a stealth fire, exactly? Well, it’s really just another name for the Dakota Fire Pit, albeit a much more descriptive one. We’ve written extensively about the Dakota Fire Pit in the past. You can read that HERE.


“”First off, the Dakota fire pit is the only option for staying tactical.  It’s the only campfire you can build where the flames remain invisible.  Also, the fire burns so hot that it reduces the smoke output, which is optimal for avoiding detection.
The fire remains hot and burns steadily because of the chimney and airway tunnel.  When the fire burns in the main pit it forces all of the hot air out the chimney, allowing no air in from that hole.  The resulting effect is that it creates a suction-like action that forces fresh air down the airway tunnel to the fire base, feeding the fire with plenty of oxygen.”” – An excerpt from, Stealth Fire: How to Build a Concealed Campfire, and Other Tricks to “Stay Invisible”, by Freedom Outpost

Freedom Outpost makes some very valid points. Points that we’d like to use as a segway to introduce you to a very special product. It’s called StealthFyre, and for a very good reason. We designed our collapsable, portable stove system around the concept of a Dakota Fire Pit. And we did so in order to make the most stealthy, versatile, compact, and tactical wood burning stove available today.

Hands Down, The BEST Stove You’ll Ever Find

And we aren’t just blowing smoke. That’s the whole point. StealthFyre doesn’t blow smoke, we mean what we say. Firstly, our stove is made to be a Dakota Fire Pit so that it doesn’t produce smoke or light signatures. But more than that, our special design allows you to build way more than just a simple fire pit. Think of StealthFyre as Legos™ for fire.

A compilation of several Potbelly Stoves made with StealthFyre.

With our stove system, you can configure your stove in nearly infinite ways from a small rocket stove up to a full-size potbelly stove replete with a chimney. As far as tactical goes, when your goal is survival, there’s no stove more tactical than one that can be set up as a rocket stove on the go, turned into a smokeless fire pit overnight, and then configured as a potbelly stove to install in the bug out shelter at your destination.


If you think having the ability to make a stealth fire in emergency situations is a useful skill to have, then you should really look into our product line. We offer various kits that can all combine with one another to give you even more versatility. All of them can be buried in the ground and used like a traditional Dakota Fire Pit, and they can also give you the same functionality when it’s improbable to dig a hole.

This makes StealthFyre the ONLY stove you need in your survival gear collection, because unlike the traditional Dakota Fire Pit, you can build your stealth fire in ANY terrain, above ground or in the dirt. If you’re looking to increase your chance of survival in an apocalyptic situation, there can be no other choice. StealthFyre IS the apocalypse stove you’ve been looking for. Get yours today.


2020 Vision And The Great Reset

The Sleeping Giant

They say hindsight is 2020. No way of describing 2021 can be better than this. For many years now I’ve followed the course of human events, only taking time out here and there to intensely study those events that came before my time. And through it all I’ve been patiently waiting, wondering which event will finally awaken the sleeping giant.

I watched as a mysterious young congressman skilled at linguistic manipulation mesmerized the world with powerful rhetoric and rode a messianic wave of popular support into the office of the most powerful leader in the free world. I watched as the people continued to be mesmerized by this silver-tongued liar while he openly boasted about transforming America forever. And I wondered. How could people of good conscience fall for the lies?

I watched as this young man committed Treason after Treason in our name. And I watched as he assembled a cabal of the most wicked and vile characters to ever hold office. I watched as he trampled our liberties for 8 long years, and I wondered, after the corruption we have seen from the previous administrations in my lifetime alone, when would that giant awaken?

Sleeping, But Not Dead

Then, something happened that even I couldn’t expect. Donald J. Trump, a well-known businessman and public figure wins in his bid for the office of the 45th President of the United States. It quickly became clear that he wasn’t supposed to win, as the entire system goes ballistic like an assaulted hornet’s nest.

This was a great turning point in American history that is now furiously being worked against by a cabal of elites that recognize it means their time is now short to complete their New World Order. Donald Trump’s presidency, as I mentioned in my previous post, was the proverbial monkey wrench in the gears of the system. Unfortunately, his short term in office was but a speed bump on our crash course with destiny.

We may have averted disaster for a short while, but the (S)election of Joe Biden should prove to anyone that our government was hijacked by a subversive cabal as early as 2008 and only momentarily lost power under Trump. The first black American President was a Trojan Horse. They had obviously planned on handing the baton of power over to the true orchestrators of this plan in (S)electing Hillary. Because let’s face the truth, this woman and those she surrounds herself with have had their hands in this conspiracy for decades.

Good Morning, COVID-19 Calling. This Is Your Wake Up Call.

Well, perhaps the time has come and the sleeping giant is now awakening. The opiates are losing their power and the dream world is fading. The Hoax that is COVID-19, the massive onslaught of media propaganda, and the apparent human experimentation that’s followed has millions of us alarmed and questioning our understanding of reality. You and many like you have grown concerned and begun to question the things we’ve long taken for granted. I assure you, you aren’t alone, even though it may feel like it.

The fact is, they want you feeling this way. Alone and defeated, without hope for rescue. The censorship, the masks, the social distancing, it’s all meant to keep you in fear of one another so you don’t gather and speak your minds openly about what you see. They want you disempowered and divided because you’re easier to control that way.

You have to understand, in the post-2008 world you are no longer a consumer or an audience. You’re a target. None of the systems you live under are for your benefit. There’s a reason that the only advances in modern technology over the past 30 years have been for the purpose of control and surveillance. Those systems were presented to you as services and technologies for your benefit, but in reality they were using your feedback to perfect a weaponized system to be turned against you.

Enemy Combatants Of A Dystopian New-Normal

This might come as an uncomfortable shock to many of you, but your “new-normal” is that of an enemy combatant. Yes, war has been declared on you. It’s only just begun, and it won’t end unless this Globalist system is prevented from ever existing. Do not misunderstand. The Globalist system that people like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates are working to build must NEVER be allowed to exist because it will produce a never-ending war.

By simple virtue of its existence alone, a centralized global system of power will be the most tyrannical and powerful government this world has ever known. There can be no possible way to form a functioning, OPEN and FREE government for ALL people on the planet. Free elections and human liberty will be a thing of the past. There will inevitably be dissenters and splitters. And in the end, the Globalist system will follow its fate towards perpetual open conflict with its own citizens. Total extermination of the opposition can be the only resolution.

For better or worse, this means you need to fight back if you wish to survive and leave a future for your progeny. War has been declared and you are the enemy combatant, so you really need to start considering what that means. This is an unconventional war in a high-tech environment, and the weapons being used against you are far more subtle than brute force and firepower.

The 21st Century Battlefield

If you wish to survive what comes next, one of the first things you must do is learn to identify the weapons being deployed against you. The weapons of the 21st century battlefield are nothing like the bombs and chemical agents that came before them. These weapons are invisible, and they predominantly target the mind. Remember, the key objective in this new war is to disempower you, create insurmountable division, and discourage dissent.

One of the first weapons you must recognize is the manipulation of language. Linguistic Manipulation and Neuro-Linguistic Programming are but two examples of this weaponized form of language.  An example of this could come in a statement such as, “No one deserves better treatment than anyone” rather than saying, “No one deserves worse treatment than anyone”. The difference is subtle but the twisting of truth and reality can be seen once you recognize you’re being manipulated.

In the first statement, you may notice that you are roused to jealousy towards those you perceive to be treated better than others. This emotional statement is designed to elicit feelings of anger and unfairness towards those enjoying the benefit of good treatment. The second statement on the other hand, rouses feelings of indignation towards those committing injustice against others. The first is a call to attack the innocent by those who would treat people badly, and the second is a true call for justice.

This weaponized method of manipulating language is being targeted at us through a broad range of sources. The Mainstream Media, or the MSM, has long been a prime source of this weaponized form of propaganda. Now consolidated into a mega-conglomerate of media corporations, the MSM has been operating as the psychological warfare division of the State since at least 2009.

The True Nature Of The Virtual Public Square

Among the many other weaponized systems we once thought were for our benefit are the Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Hiding behind Constitutional exemptions for private entities, these dominant corporations prey on human rights after monopolizing the public square. Here, they separate us into echo-chambers of radical ideas with no voice of reason to calm the fevered ideations.

These echo-chambers have become a training ground for A.I. while they impose evermore restrictive and tyrannical censorship on what we’re allowed to think, know, and say. You may recognize this, as do many others. But you must get to the point where the thought of supporting this anti-human system with your participation becomes so odious that you balk at the mere thought of visiting their networks.

Because as surely as I am here sharing this with you, I tell you that you are NOT the customer of Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey. In reality, what you are is chattel to them. A commodity to be bought and sold. They don’t serve you, you serve them. Their REAL customers paid them to build their networks and study you so that they could better enslave you.

A Breeding Ground For Unrest

You may have noticed that during the summer of 2020, social media networks were abuzz with Social Justice movements organizing in secretive social groups, and anyone that spoke out against the ensuing unrest was immediately silenced and prevented from speaking. Which brings us to a manifestation of the weaponized linguistics previously mentioned.

While it may seem counter-intuitive that the widespread protests that America and other nations saw last year were allowed to occur while gatherings for church, holidays, and funerals were sometimes violently opposed, there is a very good and simple explanation for this. It was allowed to happen because the cabal guiding this downward spiral wanted it to happen. Occam’s Razor, pure and simple.

“Why would they want that to happen?”, you might ask. The answer again is simple. For part of the nation it was a pressure valve that the MSM allowed you to live vicariously through, while you suffered in loneliness during quarantine. For the other part of the nation, it was a stark warning of what will be unleashed on you if you fail to comply.

Are You Ready To Fight Back?

I can’t stress this enough. You ARE an enemy combatant in this new war, whether you like it or not. But you need to know, there are ways you can fight back without taking up arms. It’s not time for that anyway. What you do need to do now is clearly see that YOUR enemies have declared themselves by targeting you. Recognize them, IDENTIFY them, and disavow them at all costs.

This may seem difficult at first, as you may have become incredibly dependent on many of them, as have most of us. But you CAN do this, and it could be that one small decision you make that changes the course of human history. Because your true power comes in the form of what you ALLOW to happen.

By recognizing some of the many ways in which this system we live under manipulates our thoughts and beliefs, we can begin to see how they herd us into accepting their plans for us, so that we remain silent when our liberties are trampled. We accept it by silence, compliance, and participation.

The Coming DDOS on the NWO Server

It’s time for the people of the world to reframe the battlefield in this war we’ve been unwillingly thrust into. It’s time  for us to deny our service to this Beast System. We need to recognize that we outnumber this cabal by 1,000,000:1. Nobody wants the fate we face except for a tiny fraction of a minority that possesses great power. But they can only succeed so long as the masses remain asleep at the wheel.

I think that you can feel the rumblings of a waking giant, just as I can. and I think you know what you must do. It is time for us to break away from this system for the hope and salvation of mankind. We may be enemy combatants, but we are only targets when we remain in the crosshairs.

What I mean by this is that you will only succumb to the New World Order if you remain a participant in its creation. And you do so by absorbing the manipulative language on a daily basis, then manifesting it into your reality by making it your ideology. Simply put, you need to GET OUT. There are many ways to do this, but you can start by turning off your television and not participating in social networks unless they’re local and in-person.

Then you need to step back from the world and focus on your family and your immediate community. There are greater things to concern yourself with than which box a particular celebrity wishes you to fit into. Take care of one another and concern yourselves with your necessities in life. Your true meaning will be found in the love you share with those around you, not online. And that is what this cabal so truly fears.

Turn On, Tune In, And Drop Out

Without you turning the cranks and greasing the wheels, that loud and clanking noise that rumbled through the earth on November 4th, 2016 would have never roused the sleeping giant, because the gears of the system wouldn’t have been moving. Thanks to that one history changing event, we now face a wonderous and uncertain future where two tremendous powers must face off for preeminence. It is now the masses of humankind against a tiny cabal of alien invaders, aka the Ass-Clowns. An Ass-Clown Invasion, if you will.

The future is truly uncertain. I don’t mean to foretell or prophecy. these things I share with you are neither. They are simply inevitabilities you must face should you chose to ignore your current predicament and allow the Ass-Clowns to reign unabated. just as surely as I can tell you the people inside a burning home will die if they do not escape, I am telling you now that you must resist what is to come.

What you need to do is completely detach and drop out of this system as soon as you can. Your biggest problem is going to be debt, because the amount of debt you possess is the equivalent to the value you have as a slave in the new system. Unload your debt as fast as you find possible. This is going to mean breaking your vices, but that will benefit your survival. Identify them and cut them away from your life.

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

The idea of Government being at the center of the human universe simply cannot exist in perpetuity. The only method of securing the continuing existence of the human species is by holding a family-oriented ideology at the heart of mankind’s existence. And the only way to achieve that is through a humble understanding that life, and the continuation of it, is a gift from someone greater than us.

You must abandon this system before it’s too late. For as long as you continue to participate it will continue to manifest itself as the Beast System we have all been warned would come. It simply can’t be described any other way. You need to understand that the system to come has no human emotion, it is born of a Global Communist Ideal, and it has no compassion for human life or liberty.

Government is an institution among men, for men. But it can only exist for the GOOD of men so long as there is a God that men follow and hold supreme in leadership among them. There really is only one threat to the power of government. You may think you’re the primary target in this new war, but you aren’t. It’s God they wish to bring down. Because they fear him. And when they replace God as the true creator of our reality, you will know the supremacy of government.

DO NOT let them achieve this victory.


Ryan Heltemes is a self-taught historian and inventor of the StealthFyre Modular Survival Stove System. He designed the survival system and offered it to the world in hopes that the technology would in some way benefit mankind in the coming atmosphere of events that he believes will unfold within our lifetimes. A life long survivalist, Ryan enjoys nothing more than to spend his free time in the outdoors alone and away from prying eyes, practicing the art of survival in a primitive environment.
His hope is that you would take the information found in his articles to heart, and change the way you think about life and the world you live in. He knows from first hand experience that when you do something as simple as this, you can change the world. In the end, it matters not if you buy a stove from him. What really matters is that you open your eyes to the reality around you.

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COVID-19 And A Curious Chain Of Events


A Curious Chain Of Events That Led To A World Controlled By Veritable Ass-Clowns

Sometimes in the course of human events, we get so caught up in the sensation of the moment that we lose focus on the big picture. We often end up in a situation where we can’t see the forest through the trees, as the saying goes. And as history clearly shows us, it is in times like these when Ass-Clowns rise up in the ranks to lead the masses astray. I call these people Ass-Clowns mostly because it’s easier to imagine and more acceptable than calling them Aliens. Though Alien is really what these people are to humankind. They have no truly human qualities like compassion or understanding. They appear to us as stupid, contemptable individuals who seek to use the fear and ignorance of the masses for their own self-serving purposes.

It’s often been said that mankind is a species with amnesia, and in many ways that’s correct. We tend to forget about the past in our passionate desire to mend the present. It’s because of this short memory span that we continue to accept the “help” and “leadership” of these Ass-Clowns, even though the documented history of their abuses are at our fingertips to remind us. Sometimes we need to be roused to the possibility of a reason for the madness we suffer. That’s why I wish to remind you of a troubling series of events we’ve all been told about but long since forgotten to put together as a cohesive story.

In the following timeline, I seek to illustrate a curious and troubling chain of events starting as early as 2008(for the purpose of this work), but arguably much earlier. This chain of events can be plotted to the present, and it elicits a plan to use a manufactured pandemic as a smoke screen to perform mass human experimentation in spite of Nuremberg laws as a means of perfecting the “Holy Grail” of medicine for an elite who intend on using the technology to enslave us. It will also provide overwhelming evidence of the main perpetrators. It can not be provably concluded that this conspiracy began in 2008 however, as many of the players from that point to present have been active in government for many decades and evidence of this conspiracy can be found deeply into our past.


The Case For A Return To Common Sense

The rest as they say, is history. But a case for common sense must be made. We’ve lived with this family of viruses for centuries, among thousands of others that cause mild to severe illness. COVID-19 is one of a family of quickly mutating and infectious viruses known as Coronaviridae. It’s always effected the elderly more than the general population. It’s always been a threat to those with pre-existing conditions. And it’s always been treated best with plenty of rest, exercise, vitamins, FRESH AIR, and sunlight. There’s very little to fear of this or any other illness when common sense is applied to take proper precautions. Even the Bubonic Plague has lost its fear factor thanks to advances in our understanding of hygiene alone.


The family of Coronaviridae have been known to be one of the causes of the Common Cold since the mid 1960’s when they were finally isolated and categorized. Since then it’s become common knowledge that this family of viruses mutates too quickly and is too numerous for a vaccine to be a viable solution.


It should also be pointed out just how a virus works. A virus isn’t alive like bacteria because it isn’t an organism. It’s nothing more than a simple DNA, RNA, or mRNA program that writes itself into our DNA for the sole purpose of replication. In other words, viruses are software-like programs that literally hijack our body’s operating system and rewrite our genetics in order to propagate. By their very nature they’re infectious diseases. They’re also relatively easy to replicate or artificially produce in a lab.


What’s more, the revolutionary new technology that Moderna promised to introduce to the world is based on mRNA biotechnology, or an artificial mRNA virus to be specific. For all practical purposes, what this means is that Moderna and other pharmaceutical companies are working on gain-of-function viral technology in their efforts to create, i.e. mimic a virus to be used for injection in the form of a vaccine, even after the moratorium imposed on the research in the USA. This IS NOT a vaccine, but it’s modeled after our understanding of how vaccines work. They maintain plausible deniability through the fact that the virus they’re working on is artificial, and they claim they’re intent is to make the body produce its own medicine.

A Horrifying Double-Edged Sword

This technology promises to revolutionize the healthcare industry by allowing the full customization of medicine based on the genetics of the individual patient. The implications and the possibilities are both astounding and frightening. Perfecting this technology will not only allow them to cure all that ails us as human beings, but it also has the possibility of being used as a genetically targeted bio-weapon of horrifying proportions. It is the Holy Grail of modern medicine. But in truth it’s a double-edged sword of horrifying proportions.

Let me be clear, this controversial new bio-technology is the act of creating an artificial virus that will inject the code the creator of the virus wishes it to inject into our bodies and rewrite our DNA, making us “other than” human. That is the textbook definition of gain-of-function bio-weapons tech. With this technology they could literally rewrite the genetics of the human genome, making a race of super-humans. Or wipe out an entire genetic lineage. This is exactly what they promise.

This technology will most assuredly only be available to the elite and most wealthy among us once they perfect it, just like space travel and nuclear weapons. For the rest of us, we’ll be lucky enough not to be killed by the experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccine while they do something to us more atrocious than Adolph Hitler could’ve ever dreamed.


Those of us that die will be counted as collateral damage and justifiable losses for the greater good(of the elite), as they finally perfect their technology on the human guinea pigs that line up to take the jab for a free ticket to a Lady Gaga concert. And then that eternal fountain of youth will be yanked from our reach, never to be obtained by mere humans.


This Is Not A Joke

This isn’t a joke and it’s not conjecture. If you’ve followed the bread crumbs this far, then you must have heard of the Great Reset by now. This frightening plan by the World Economic Forum to completely deconstruct and rebuild society for the preservation of the current status quo among the elite is disturbing, to say the least. Perhaps even more so because it’s being promoted by some of the world’s most influential people. And the entire plan is being formulated using the COVID-19 plandemic with mass mandatory vaccination as the vector. It’s the picture perfect crisis Rahm Immanuel reminded us we should never let go to waste.

This plan is being rallied around by every single elitist on the planet as a means to reduce the global population through a high-tech war of attrition, so that they may continue to ration their limited resources and maintain the power they currently enjoy. It calls for the elimination of private property for the masses, extreme rationing of resources, global travel restrictions, removal of public land use, mandatory curfews, strict recycling laws, automation of industries, the decimation of the middle class and small businesses, and total surveillance of society in panopticon style smart-cities. They aim to create a literal prison planet through the Great Reset.


The World Economic Forum was formed by a man named Klaus Schwab, “The World’s Most Dangerous Man”.  He also happens to be one of the world’s biggest advocates of a trans-humanist future. He comes from a time and place where Nazi and Totalitarian ideals were held in high regard and people still believed in a master race.


Klaus will spin you tales of a fluffy, happy future where everyone is smiling and connected to the Internet through a hive-mind interface in our brains. He’ll tell you that nobody needs to think or work anymore because a computer does it all for us, and we’ll all live forever and eat anything we want(as long as it’s insects and soy protein). He also loves nothing more than to advocate for a future of custom medicine that makes us impermeable to disease and likely also immortal.


But the truth is much darker. As the World Economic Forum itself quotes from Isaiah Berlin in the article above, “Freedom for the wolves has often meant death to the sheep.” A scary thought that they should think to quote such a statement when describing their desired goals so openly and candidly, don’t you think?

The fact is that the masses will be able to afford this miraculous new technology about as well as they’ll be able to afford a weekend sight-seeing trip to the moon. Klaus Schwab himself has made it abundantly clear that by 2030, you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy about it. That’s right, in 9 years or less they plan to take it all away from you.



A Consolation Prize To Die For

And what will you get in return? If you can read between the lines and understand both human tendencies towards tyrannical behavior and the fact that the elite covet the idea of ruling over this planet as immortal god-men, you’ll come to understand they intend on removing your access to this miracle medicine once they’ve perfected it by breaking Nuremberg Laws and testing it on you. Then you’ll begin to see the very bleak future that this trans-humanist agenda has in store for what remains of humanity.

What trans-humanism really promises to create is a tiny but overtly totalitarian master race of decadent and immortal super-humans with god-like powers, thanks to bio-technological modifications and interfaces with A.I. supercomputer systems. Advocates like Klaus Schwab and even the late Jeffery Epstein believe that the elite will be able to achieve planetary superiority through immortality.

They firmly believe that this will lead to an evolutionary split in the human species where we see an elite super-class of immortal humans ruling over a small population of ~500,000 troll-like slave people, a degenerate mud race of ignorant beasts of burden. That’s 500,000 people on the planet in total. Not the 7+ billion we have today. It seems likely they want to take humanity full-circle back to the ancient times of god-like Pharaohs living in luxury while ruling over an easily manageable plantation of ignorant slaves living in squalor. Only this time they plan to hoard vast amounts of coveted advanced technology and keep it from the masses, except for the purpose of control and domination.



As mentioned previously Jeffery Epstein too, was fascinated with trans-humanism. It has been said that he wanted to clone himself, impregnate dozens of women in a seeding program, and even preserve his body so that he may be revived to enjoy a trans-humanist lifestyle once it becomes a reality. He may have been accumulating his vast fortune for the very purpose of making that possible.


But there’s obviously more to his fascination than just that. It was also said that he was an expert bullshit artist, never truly knowing what he was talking about but making a good show of it with his modest charisma. Being involved in a human sex-trafficking ring and political blackmail racket while rubbing shoulders with some of the most wealthy of the world’s elite would definitely put him in close contact with the profoundly revolutionary ideas these trans-humanist elites proclaim. It also put him in close contact with the occult.

Three Well Known Sexual Predators Meeting Together At the White House.

You Must Understand The Darkness You Face

Let me put this another way. Human sex-trafficking exists. A black market for Adrenochrome exists. Satanism, witchcraft, ritual sex magic, and ritual human sacrifice all exist. And so does a dark, Occult and Lucifarian Mystery Religion that has lurked on the outskirts of human society for thousands of years. These are all intimately intertwined with one another and deeply embedded in global politics, economics, and the direction of global growth, and they reveal a network of corruption that is quietly working towards global domination but steadily coming into the light and revealing itself.

Truly I say to you these things are real. You and I both know it in our heart and soul. We feel them working in our world, corrupting the institutions of all nations, races and creeds. We see evidence of it everywhere. What you may not realize is that this small and hidden group currently consists of some of the most wealthy and/or well-known individuals in human history.

These are the Ass-Clowns. Together, they make up a dark or hidden society within our society that has existed at least since the time of ancient Babylon, and they’ve become known as the Mystery Schools, Mystery Babylon, or the Mystery Religion. This group of elite occultists believe wholeheartedly in a mysticism that teaches them to harness the negative aspects of esoteric energy through acts of ritual rape, torture, and human sacrifice, while outwardly they espouse a façade of virtue.

They believe this esoteric energy(think of it in terms of vibrational frequency) can be harvested through ritual in order to gain power and achieve global dominance, and suppress the ambition and will of the people. It does not matter to them if you believe their magic works. What matters is they believe it works. For as long as they believe rape, torture, and human sacrifice are viable means of gaining and maintaining power and control, they remain humanity’s most dangerous adversary.


Pay attention. Learn to read between the lines. Just like the mythical vampire cannot enter your home uninvited, the occult will always announce their plans. They need your consent, whether it’s active or passive. They will always tell you what they intend to do. Ignore them at your own peril. The Georgia Guidestones outline their goals quite succinctly. The message has been loud and clear for decades. THE HARVEST DRAWS NEAR.



For those with eyes to see, this curious and unsettling chain of events leads us to one very ominous conclusion. We are now faced with a monumental global conspiracy to subvert the will of the entire human population and reduce the species to eternal slavery under immortal god-men using advanced technology. Of that there can be no doubt. We know because the ones who’ve planned this takeover of the planet told us what they’re doing.

I’ve compiled this timeline of events and list of further research in hopes that I may in some way open my fellow citizen’s eyes to the true reality of our present world and the entirely likely future we all face if we do not speak up and resist. There are many wild theories about the true goal of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many people have grown overly suspicious of the motives behind it. The truth about the COVID-19 vaccine is far simpler and more sinister than most may imagine.

I believe that this timeline of events can serve well as proof to reasonable people that we do indeed face a dire threat to the future of all mankind and our time to stop it is NOW. While the descriptions of events, actors and subjects in this body of work are my own opinions, I have done my best to reference respected websites as much as possible to prove the veracity of my words.

If you find yourself having difficulty believing the evidence I present you here, I would implore you to become curious enough to research these subjects for yourself and verify the things I’ve written. While the past 10 years has seen a massive increase in Internet censorship by Big Tech colluding with political elites to remove unsavory truths from public access, much can still be found if you are diligent and willing to dig deep enough. I have proven as much by compiling this list.

If you can see through the lies to the light of truth and understand the existential threat that mankind now faces, I beg of you to share this timeline of events with everyone you know so that the big picture can once again be seen by all. It’s time for us to stop fussing over each tree we find and remember the vast forest we’ve become lost in. We must come together as a species and find our way back to the light, before all is truly lost to the darkness. Your silence is consent.

Don’t remain silent any longer.



Ryan Heltemes is a self-taught historian and inventor of the StealthFyre Modular Survival Stove System. He designed the survival system and offered it to the world in hopes that the technology would in some way benefit mankind in the coming atmosphere of events that he believes will unfold within our lifetimes. A life long survivalist, Ryan enjoys nothing more than to spend his free time in the outdoors alone and away from prying eyes, practicing the art of survival in a primitive environment.
His hope is that you would take the information found in his articles to heart, and change the way you think about life and the world you live in. He knows from first hand experience that when you do something as simple as this, you can change the world. In the end, it matters not if you buy a stove from him. What really matters is that you open your eyes to the reality around you.

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StealthFyre Origin, A Fire Pit In Your Pocket

In many ways, we chose the StealthFyre Origin as the name of our first stove in order to pay homage to the past. We chose it to remind us of where we came from. If it weren’t for those that came before us we wouldn’t get to enjoy the freedom we have today. For us, the Dakota Fire Pit represents a marvel of primitive technology. We’re incredibly grateful to those brilliant souls with the ingenuity to think up such a useful method of building fire. We love it because it gives us much more freedom in the woods to enjoy a safe, leave-no-trace campfire wherever we decide to lay our heads for the night.

Well, that’s not exactly true. You see, the Dakota Fire Pit has one severe limitation. You need ideal soil conditions in order to make it work effectively. Lacking easy access to flat rocks or other material for structure, building one is impossible in sand. It’s also nearly impossible in rocky soil. When we designed our modular stove system, we set out with the one intent to remedy this problem.

The StealthFyre Origin Is A Humbling Achievement

The StealthFyre Origin Fire Pit
The StealthFyre Origin

We succeeded, but we feel humbled when we consider that we only carried the ball over the goal line. 99% of the credit must be given to our ancestors, because they paved the way for all that came after. Just as we continue to do today. With the introduction of the StealthFyre Origin, we’re paving the way for an all-new generation of modular, multi-purpose outdoor gear and we’re giving the world an entirely different way to enjoy the great outdoors.

The StealthFyre Origin is a Fire Pit unlike anything else on the market today. You may notice while reading our articles and browsing our website that we don’t speak of competitors. That’s because we don’t see competitors in the market. We see inspiration. The StealthFyre Modular Survival Stove system is an all new and altogether unique concept. To compare our stove system with anything else on the market is like comparing cows to horses. Yes, they’re both stoves, or animals. But beyond that, StealthFyre is an entirely different kind of stove.

A New Way To Think About Your Camp Stove

The StealthFyre Origin
A Potbelly configuration available in the StealthFyre Origin kit.

The StealthFyre Modular Survival Stove system is a new way to think about your camp stove. We’ve created a truly modular system of panels intended specifically for use in building various stoves. Our stoves aren’t just a collection of proprietary panels that can only be used in one manner. The StealthFyre Origin actually used to be just that, in its infancy. But it has since evolved into one of the most unique new outdoors devices offered in recent years.

After swapping out the hinges on our panel design for a cheaper to produce tab and slot system, we found that the StealthFyre Origin fire pit could suddenly be configured in a bunch of different useful fashions. That was Encouragement sauntering up and kicking our Imagination in the pants! We were off to the races and quickly found to our delight that with very few modifications to the design, we could now build several different potbelly stoves, too.

The StealthFyre Origin Is A Dozen Stoves In One Kit

The StealthFyre Origin Fire Pit Parts
The StealthFyre Origin package contents

With a new tab and slot system, we were able to build a dozen different kinds of Dakota Fire Hole, Rocket Stove, and Potbelly stove with just the Origin kit in our hands! With the StealthFyre Origin, you can build 5 sizes of large Rocket Stove. You can build 4 sizes of Dakota Fire Hole. You can even build 3 sizes of Potbelly Stove. All in one kit. Not only that, but when it comes to Rocket Stoves you get two of them right out of the box.

With the addition of horizontal slots up the length of each panel, we were able to accomplish two more things. The horizontal slots allowed us to install panels at several levels to adjust the depth of our fire. This gave us the ability to add a grill accessory and elevate our fire for use on wet or boggy ground. But we discovered something else when using these panels above ground or as a chimney for our Potbelly Stove configurations. We found that they act as air vents and allow the gasification of unspent fuel in the exhaust. This produces an extremely clean burn when used effectively.

Modular Means More Than Just A Dozen Stoves

Another thing we quickly realized was that we could evenly split the StealthFyre Origin in half. Not only would this give us two working stoves, but we would have the exact same panels in each pile. That gave us another idea. We decided to see what would happen if we combined two StealthFyre Origin Fire Pit kits together. This was the day that the StealthFyre line of stoves was officially born.

It was a day when we, the designers of this device, were astounded to find that we could combine these kits nearly endlessly for a nearly endless variety of camp stoves. We learned we could combine 2 StealthFyre Origin Fire Pits to literally TRIPLE the amount of configurations we had access to. After a bit of consideration, we decided to design a small square panel. This small panel allowed us to build dozens more varieties of stove on a smaller scale, along with many other configurations.

The StealthFyre Origin Completes The Circle

Perhaps it was our ancestors guiding us to fulfill a destiny they always intended. Or perhaps it was ancestral knowledge whispering to us from the past. Whatever the reason, we’re truly humbled that we were guided on this path to ready the Legendary Dakota Fire Hole for the 21st century. After all, we’re just humble travelers that gathered up an old relic of the past, dusted it off and made it better. Now we’re offering it to you.


All of our stoves are made in the United States on a small scale, and that means the utmost quality. Each kit is made of durable 304 Stainless Steel sheet. Cut, not punched. StealthFyre is not a mass produced product by a massive corporation. It’s the innovative ambitions of an American family wanting to make this wonderful new idea available to the world.

When you purchase your new StealthFyre Modular Survival Stove, you’ll be doing more than getting a great deal on one of the coolest new outdoor products this side of the 21st century. You’ll be doing even more than supporting a small American business. You’ll be helping to bring a revolutionary new era in outdoors adventures to the entire world.


The StealthFyre Origin
Grilling burgers over the StealthFyre Origin

Our Origin kit is available for $159.99, and we offer FREE shipping on all orders in the United States. If you’re still unsure you want to spend less than $160.00 and save twenty bucks in order to get four functioning stoves, two portable Dakota Fire Holes, a tiny potbelly stove and nearly a dozen more styles of stove, then sign up below for our Newsletter in order to receive a 10% discount code to use on your first order when you decide to take the leap.


Origin Assembly Video:

Introduction To The Deuce Camping Stove

The Deuce camping stove is like getting a great deal on Two Bush Runner kits. Our stoves are modular, so it’s simple to double up and get more functionality. The flagship configuration of this particular little kit is a tiny potbelly style stove with a short chimney. Because it’s two Bush Runner stoves it gives you two working Dakota style fire pits as well. It also gives you up to four lightweight rocket stoves.

Smoke Bad, Two-Tiers Good

The Deuce
The Deuce configured as a miniature potbelly stove supporting a coffee percolator and a cook pot.

Because the Deuce configuration resembles a tiny potbelly stove with a short chimney,  it makes an ideal two-tier cooking stove. With it you can cook your morning camp breakfast and brew a pot of coffee with minimal fuel.

The Dakota Fire Hole style base of this stove allows you to bury it in a small pit and nearly eliminate the smoke. This is great for several obvious reasons. First and foremost it means no smoke in your eyes.

Perhaps more importantly though, it means you can nearly eliminate the smoke you produce while using your StealthFyre Deuce inside a primitive Bushcrafting shelter. It also means that if you find yourself in a situation that requires stealth you’ll have a stove that won’t send a giant location signal into the air. In fact, you’ll have two.

The Deuce Is More Than One Stove

The Deuce survival stove
A low-profile configuration of the miniature potbelly stove available with the Deuce kit.

It’s important to note that the Deuce camping stove is simply the combination of two smaller packages of StealthFyre panels. This quite literally means that with your purchase, you get at least two functioning stoves. This is a great deal because if you only ever use one type of configuration, you’ll still have enough panels for a back up stove if necessary. Remember, two is one and one is none.

Understanding the modularity of StealthFyre is key to understanding the sheer amount of versatility at your disposal. Thanks to the inter-lockability of the panels and their unique shape, you’ll be able to build Dakota style smokeless fire pits and potbelly stoves of several different sizes. You’ll also be able to connect the potbelly stoves to the fire pits to gain even more functionality and efficiency.

The Deuce Packs Up Like A Brick

The Deuce survival stove parts
Kit contents of the Deuce

While not being a very lightweight stove in its entirety, The Deuce camping stove is an incredibly compact one. It packs up to be roughly twice as thick as the Bush Runner, but not much longer and wider at 9 1/2″X5 1/4″X1″. That’s not bad at all for a small camping stove that can be assembled in more than a dozen fashions. With all that compact steel of course, comes a fair amount of weight.

Still, the versatility alone makes this stove great for backpackers, bicycle campers and others that are worried about weight, but not so much as the space they have to carry everything they need.  The pack size of the StealthFyre line of modular stoves was one of the key considerations when it was designed. We wanted a stove that would be large enough for camp cooking duties, but small enough to fit in the saddle pouch of an expedition pack.

The resulting system has ended up being a stove kit that only grows marginally in size while adding more panels. This means that even our largest kit is still very easy to pack away into tight spaces even in spite of its notable weight.  Have you ever wanted to have a potbelly stove with a five foot chimney that could fit in the bottom of your center console and still leave plenty of room for gear? That’s what we mean by compact.

Modularity Means Expandability

Because the StealthFyre concept is based on modularity, it means you can expand your kit at any time by adding another. All of our kits contain a variation of the same basic panels. Our Deuce camping stove kit is a great choice for bicycle campers, stealth campers, and anyone else that doesn’t care as much about weight as they do space. It also makes a great addition to some of our larger kits and can supply the much needed panels to lengthen a chimney tube for primitive shelter camping.

The expandability is perhaps the coolest feature of StealthFyre, and the reason we know that once you get hold of these panels and start using them, you’ll begin to realize the full potential of this unique concept and begin imagining other adventures you can have with StealthFyre. If only you had enough panels. Of course we want that to happen.

What we mean by that is we want to light a fire in your imagination. We want to get you imagining the adventures you can have. We want you salivating to the point that you make them your reality. Because the Great Outdoors is where you belong. And you know it.

Take The Leap

All of our stoves are made in the United States on a small scale, and that means the utmost quality. Each kit is made of durable 304 Stainless Steel sheet. Cut, not punched. StealthFyre is not a mass produced product by a massive corporation. It’s the innovative ambitions of an American family wanting to make this wonderful new idea available to the world.

When you purchase your new StealthFyre Modular Survival Stove, you’ll be doing more than getting a great deal on one of the coolest new outdoor products this side of the 21st century. You’ll be doing even more than supporting a small American business. You’ll be helping to bring a revolutionary new era in outdoors adventures to the entire world.

Ready To Purchase The Deuce?

The Deuce
The Deuce, deployed as a Dakota Fire Hole

Our Deuce camping stove kit is available for $179.99, and we offer FREE shipping on all orders in the United States. If you’re still unsure you want to spend less than $180.00 and save twenty bucks in order to get four functioning stoves, two portable Dakota Fire Holes, a tiny potbelly stove and nearly a dozen more styles of stove, then sign up below for our Newsletter in order to receive a 10% discount code to use on your first order when you decide to take the leap.

Deuce Assembly Video:

The Bush Runner Backpacking Stove

The Bush Runner backpacking stove is our smallest available kit. It came about after realizing that we’d invented a modular panel system for fire harnessing duties. Once it dawned on us what we’d accomplished, we designed several other modular panels, including the small square panel found in the Bush Runner and a few other kits we offer.

The Bush Runner Backpacking Stove Is An Incredible Value

The Bush Runner backpacking stove
Cooking a pot of Egg Drop Soup over a Tiny Dakota Fire Hole.

The small square panel allowed us to build our stoves on a smaller scale. With it we were able to offer the 3lb. Dakota Fire Hole in the Bush Runner backpacking stove kit. This stove comes out of the box capable of building at least 6 different stoves. It also has the capability of building two rocket stoves to use simultaneously. In fact, each of our kits is quite literally two stoves in one package.

When you think about it that way, StealthFyre is an incredible value. StealthFyre gives you two functioning stoves in each kit. And it also gives you the added ability to build a myriad other configurations. Two functioning stoves and the ability to configure your kit the way you wish is the real value that StealthFyre promises.

The Bush Runner Is Extremely Versatile

The Bush Runner backpacking stove
An above ground rocket stove that can support 3 cook pots.

As for the Bush Runner, this lightweight little kit fits easily into nearly any tight spot, making it ideal for those worried about space in their gear bag. It can be assembled for a variety of cooking chores. Assembled in a certain manner, the Bush Runner is capable of supporting up to 3 small pots. This makes short work of even the most complicated camping meals. And it works well with different types of fuel.

Our panel size was chosen with liquid fuel canisters in mind, and as a result make an excellent windbreak when cooking over a gas burner. The horizontal slots in each panel allow you to position a panel and elevate your flame. This makes it easy to use solid fuel tablets for heating your meals.


The Bush Runner backpacking stove parts
The Bush Runner kit contents

The Bush Runner backpacking stove kit contains 12 panels, packs up to measure 9 1/4″ X 5″ X 1/2″, and doesn’t require you to carry the entire kit in order to have a functioning stove. This makes it a great choice for anybody that does a lot of solo or lightweight hiking and camping. The general rectangular shape fits well in most popular backpacks and bags.

And for those of you that adhere to the Leave No Trace Principle, the Bush Runner‘s small foot print makes it easy. This small stove can be deployed as a Dakota Fire Hole in a small trench. It has a very small footprint, and is quick and easy to dispose of. If done properly, you can very easily leave no trace of fire behind. That’s perfect if you want to leave no evidence that you camped there.

Modularity Means Expandability

Because the StealthFyre concept is based on modularity, it means you can expand your kit at any time by adding another. All of our kits contain a variation of the same basic panels. Our Bush Runner backpacking stove kit makes the perfect introductory stove for the aspiring StealthFyre adventurer.  You may want to get into StealthFyre now, but you’re unsure you will need the incredible amount of versatility our larger kits offer.

That’s great! And it’s why we offer this small stove. We know that once you get hold of these panels and start using them, you’ll begin to realize the full potential of this unique concept and begin imagining other adventures you can have with StealthFyre. If only you had enough panels. And of course we want that to happen.

What we mean by that is we want to light a fire in your imagination. We want to get you imagining the adventures you can have. We want you salivating to the point that you make them your reality. Because the Great Outdoors is where you belong. And you know it.

Take The Leap

All of our stoves are made in the United States on a small scale, and that means the utmost quality. Each kit is made of durable 304 Stainless Steel sheet. Cut, not punched. StealthFyre is not a mass produced product by a massive corporation. It’s the innovative ambitions of an American family wanting to make this wonderful new idea available to the world.

When you purchase your new StealthFyre Modular Survival Stove, you’ll be doing more than getting a great deal on one of the coolest new outdoor products this side of the 21st century. You’ll be doing even more than supporting a small American business. You’ll be helping to bring a revolutionary new era in outdoors adventures to the entire world.

Ready To Purchase Your Bush Runner?

The Bush Runner
Two rocket stoves that can be built and used simultaneously with the Bush Runner kit.

Our Bush Runner kit is available for $99.99, and we offer FREE shipping on all orders in the United States. If you’re still unsure you want to spend less than $100.00 in order to get two functioning stoves, a portable Dakota Fire Hole, and half a dozen more styles of stove, then sign up below for our Newsletter in order to receive a 10% discount code to use on your first order when you decide to take the leap.


Want an independent review of the Bush Runner stove? Check out this YouTube video from our good friend Greg Hilton, over at Strive2Survive.

Bush Runner Assembly Video:

Your Camping Gear Collection Isn’t Complete

You may have already heard about StealthFyre and you’re eager to learn more. Maybe this is the first time you’ve heard of this incredible fire harnessing device and want to know everything before taking the leap and adding StealthFyre to your collection of camping gear.

Either way, I’m sure you have some great questions. After all, the outdoors market offers a vast array of camp stoves to suit the needs of pretty much everyone. You really want to know what makes this new stove design so special. It’s got a fancy name that seems to contradict itself, but why?


The Dakota Fire Hole
The Dakota Fire Hole

The answer to that first question really lies in the “what” portion of StealthFyre. So what is StealthFyre, then? Well, the very root of its evolution and the inspiration for it comes from the Dakota Fire Hole. This type of fire lay is unique among the many ways to build a fire because it allows you to conceal your flame and location when built properly. Because of this, the Dakota Fire Hole has become known as a stealth fire.

There are many reasons why this capability would be useful, and you will know if and when you need it. StealthFyre was originally designed in an effort to give structure to this fire lay for use in less-than-desirable soil conditions, and does a particularly magnificent job of it.

Several StealthFyre Dakota Fire Hole configurations
Several StealthFyre Dakota Fire Hole configurations

But this only explains a small portion of what StealthFyre really is and what makes it such special camping gear. While we really set out with the singular goal of giving structure to our favorite fire lay, early on we were persuaded to switch from the bulky and expensive hinged design to a much easier and cheaper to produce tab and slot design.

That switch had some amazing but unintended consequences. What we had ended up designing was in fact an all-new concept in the world of fire harnessing devices.

A Radical New Technology.

Snow Bricks
Snow bricks made with StealthFyre panels.

StealthFyre is most definitely a radical new technology. It’s a modular fire harnessing system, and that really means these panels are modules used for constructing a variety of stoves and heaters. But it’s way more than that.

Perhaps it’s our innovative and imaginative nature, but after were able to spend even just a short amount of time playing with the final prototype we began imagining other uses for these panels. Uses like building containers, or molds for making bricks out of clay and snow. Really, StealthFyre is a multi-tool in a league of its own.


Because StealthFyre has so many features while remaining simple and compact, there’s really not a certain type of outdoors enthusiast that shouldn’t consider acquiring a StealthFyre stove for their camping gear collection. With options like the Bush Runner, Deuce, Origin, or Guerrilla Master, StealthFyre easily covers all requirements for any ambition.

The modularity of this system alone makes StealthFyre uniquely capable of meeting the wide range of demands from those of us that enjoy the great outdoors. Hikers and campers young and old will find enjoyment in deploying and using this stove.

The compact nature of this system makes a great addition to the overlanding gear you stashed under the seat of your truck. That’s because of the ability to pack a full-size potbelly stove with a 5ft chimney into such a small space(~5.5”X10”X2”). That’s small enough to fit in nearly any backpack or cubby-hole you may want to put it in. Overlanders, Off-Roaders and other wheeled adventure seekers love StealthFyre for this very reason.

Nobody Likes Smoke in Their Eyes.

best way to build a campfire
The best way to build a campfire

One of the very best aspects of this design is its ability to burn dry wood without producing smoke. Yes, no more smoke in your eyes. If you build it properly. We can all understand the value of being able to cook over a wood fire without that stinging smoke in our face. Lack of smoke comes with other benefits as well, because no plume means your location can’t be identified from a distance. This aspect may not be a concern to some. But for those that need this feature, you know an above ground fire doesn’t work in your situation.

Leaves No Trace

Some of the biggest fans of this camping gear so far, are the forest rangers who have encountered this stove in action. They really love that StealthFyre functions as a Designated Fire Ring. It allows them and us to enjoy that wonderful, warmth-giving campfire in remote locations where fire and dispersed camping are allowed but the government hasn’t provided a designated fire ring for our use. The forest rangers we’ve visited with have also really appreciated StealthFyre’s ability to comply with the Leave-No-Trace principle.

Our men and women in the armed forces have begun showing some very welcome enthusiasm as well, and rightly so. They immediately recognize the usefulness of the Dakota Fire Hole from the survival training that many of them received in service to this great nation. These brave men and women more than anybody else will recognize the versatility and usefulness, and the tactical advantage that StealthFyre’s modularity offers over any other stove on the market.



Yes, StealthFyre is useful to you. Once you have one in your hands, you’ll start to realize that StealthFyre is as indispensable for your fire harnessing and camping duties in the woods as a multi-tool is to your EDC. StealthFyre IS a multi-tool for survival. It guarantee’s the security of your primary survival concerns: heat, shelter and sustenance. With the ability to keep a fire alive, make bricks for primitive shelter building, and create containers for moving resources like food and water, there is no other way to put it. If you want to have fun while you can and survive when you must, then you must have a StealthFyre Modular Survival Stove in your arsenal.

Fun is something we we all enjoy. It’s such common ground that it brings us all together. That’s something we all need, and how can I overlook the fun-factor of having invented building blocks for fire? Yes, this stove is great for families and kids are going to love its puzzle-like nature. While this concept of camping gear might have that “toy” aspect to it, the real utility will be realized by a wide range of outdoors enthusiasts. If you fit into one or more of the groups below, the StealthFyre Modular Survival Stove System is perfect for you and your adventures.


List of groups that will find StealthFyre useful - Solo Camper Ultralight Camper Group Camper Bush Crafter Wild Camper Expedition Camper Stealth Camper Bicycle Camper Hunter Trapper Angler Off-Roader Overlander ATV Camper Motorcycle Camper RV Camper Nomad Forest Ranger Member Of The Military Survivalist Prepper

So, what are you waiting for, a kick in the pants? StealthFyre is YOUR stove for any adventure. What more do you need? I’m happy to answer any questions you may have before making the purchase, and I would love to hear from you. Reach out to me anytime at info@stealthfyre.com and I’ll answer as soon as I’m able.

I’m offering free shipping on all continental US orders. And I can do even more than that, because I really want you to give StealthFyre a try. I know you’ll fall in love with this awesome device like I did, and you’ll share it with your friends. And once your friends get one of their own, you’ll all take your outdoor adventures to the next level.

So I want to help you make the decision to start using StealthFyre on your adventures by offering you a 15% discount on you first order. Use Promo Code: LIGHTMYFYRE at checkout. Add StealthFyre to your camping gear collection, and join the Revolution today.

Are You Ready To Join The Revolution?

All of our stoves are made in the United States on a small scale, and that means the utmost quality. Each kit is made of durable 304 Stainless Steel sheet. Cut, not punched. StealthFyre is not a mass produced product by a massive corporation. It’s the innovative ambitions of an American family wanting to make this wonderful new idea available to the world.

When you purchase your new StealthFyre Modular Survival Stove, you’ll be doing more than getting a great deal on one of the coolest new outdoor products this side of the 21st century. You’ll be doing even more than supporting a small American business. You’ll be helping to bring a revolutionary new era in outdoors adventures to the entire world.


What’s The Best Way To Build A Campfire?

What’s the best way to build a campfire? When building a fire in the outdoors, many of us will simply put sticks and logs together and light it up the best way we can. A few of us know some pretty cool ways to build fire, though. But the truth is, the majority of fire building methods we use today are for building campfires directly on the ground.

While these methods will definitely give you fire, they can be dangerous and difficult to manage. Since the firewood is suffocated due to poor airflow, they smoke heavily. Due to the bad airflow, they put out little heat and require a lot of fuel to maintain. Ground-based fires will throw sparks and burning embers into the air and the surrounding undergrowth. High winds exacerbate this problem. They also require a lot of effort to put out.


The Dakota Fire Hole
An image excerpt from the U.S. Military Field Manual FM 21-76

There’s a better way to build a campfire. Way better. It’s called a Dakota Fire Hole. This method of campfire building requires the digging of two holes, side-by-side. This is generally a simple task when soil conditions are adequate. The holes are then connected via a tunnel dug between them at the base of the holes. Your campfire is built in one of the holes, and the rising heat creates suction within the chambers that supplies fresh oxygen at the base of the fire, keeping it alive and healthy.

What is it that makes the Dakota Fire Hole the best way to build a campfire? First off, this method of building a campfire is so efficient and versatile that the U.S. Military teaches it to servicemen and women as a tactical fire lay for survival. Tactical in this instance means, ‘as related to the tactics of survival’. Wikipedia states that, “The Dakota fire pit is a tactical fire used by the United States military as the flame produces a low light signature, reduced smoke, and is easier to ignite under strong wind conditions.”


Due to the nature of this fire lay, it was heavily relied on during the Vietnam war, where American soldiers used it to conceal their cooking fires while behind enemy lines. The Dakota Fire Hole saved countless lives of pilots who were shot down and trapped in the hostile jungles, and it made sure our men and women came out alive.

OK, so maybe the fact that the military trusts the Dakota Fire Hole in survival situations isn’t enough for you. You need more convincing. Well then, here are thirteen more reasons why the Dakota Fire Hole is the best way to build a campfire.


Thanks to the unique design of the Dakota Fire Hole, your flame is nestled within an insulated chamber with a concentrated air intake at the base of the flame. As the heat rises out of the top of the chamber, it creates a suction effect that supplies everything needed to efficiently use the fuel you feed it. And using less firewood is a boon for any outdoor enthusiast. It means less time gathering and processing fuel for your fire.


There’s a reason the military declares this fire lay to be as close to tactical as a fire can get. It’s extremely versatile. You can quickly and easily cook or dry clothes over it. Remain hidden while using a Dakota Fire Hole and quickly dispose of it afterward. The fire pit can be used inside a primitive shelter. Additionally, it can be combined with other survival skills like making charcoal or primitive blacksmithing.


Since the Dakota Fire Hole is supplying its own oxygen through the air intake tunnel and the fire chamber is insulated by the surrounding soil, your fire will burn extremely hot. A hot flame works better, faster, and cleaner. This means less time cooking, less work for you, and more time to relax.


Another good reason why the Dakota Fire Hole is the best way to build a campfire is that you’ll rarely find the need for an accelerant, as long as you’re using dry firewood. This fire lay makes the perfect protective “nest” to build a fire. It’s well protected from the elements with plenty of room to breathe.

A quick and easy method of igniting a Dakota style fire is to fill the fire chamber with as many small sticks as you can fit, all standing on end. You can then place your tinder bundle on top of the sticks and light it with your preferred method. The fire will immediately start drawing oxygen from below and begin to grow with no extra effort.


The Dakota Fire Hole is ideal for camp cooking. When you’re working with small cookware, you can easily make the chamber opening sized to fit your tools. It’s incredibly easy to position your pots directly over the heat for maximum efficiency without having to reach through a big fire to get to them.

You can hang your pots from a tripod over the fire with little effort, or if you can find small stones, you can place a few around the fire chamber and rest your pots directly on them. A few small green sticks can be used if no stones are available. Many small backpacking grills are even available to grill meats and veggies over your Dakota Fire Hole.


The Dakota Fire Hole burns hot and efficient. It burns off most of the steam and gasses that produce smoke before they ever reach the surface. This is a dream come true for anyone who loves cooking over an open flame, but can’t stand getting the stinging smoke in their eyes.

The smoke-free capability of this fire lay is often considered to be the most desirable benefit of the Dakota Fire Hole. In fact, it’s one of the chief reasons for its high regard among the ranks of the United States military. This feature alone allowed our soldiers in Vietnam to conceal their position while using a cook-fire during the day. This is possibly the #1 example of why the Dakota Fire Hole is the best way to build a campfire.


When properly maintained, you can keep a small smoke-free fire going and producing usable heat while keeping the visible light well below ground. A well-built Dakota Fire Hole goes undetected day or night. At 20 yards with a mostly unobstructed line of sight, it’s undetectable. This is the second reason that the military holds this fire lay in high regard. This is also why many bushcrafters, wild campers, and stealth campers today have high regard for it.


With a properly built Dakota Fire Hole, your coals will remain underground, where they’re safe and controllable. With the intense heat and efficient burn, this type of fire produces minimal sparks or flying embers. Forest Rangers will love you forever if they see you using a Dakota Fire Hole in the woods. It means you’re being responsible. You might even get a hug from Smokey the Bear.


With your fire below ground and deep within a chamber, you have little to worry about on windy days. Your fire will remain alive and well-fed with oxygen, still easy to use and maintain. This too means less fire hazard as there are no loose embers to blow away. This only increases your chance of getting some love from the bear.


One of the reasons that Forest Rangers might think this is the best way to build a campfire: it acts much like a fire ring. It keeps your fire in a controlled environment that greatly minimizes the risk of wildfire when used responsibly.


Thanks to the fact that you just dug two holes in the ground, you don’t need to waste water dousing the flames. You’ve got a pile of loose dirt right next to the fire! This makes it incredibly quick and easy to extinguish your flame and move on when the need arises. Now you can push the soil back into the holes over the fire and tamp down the soil. You can now replace the divots if any were removed, and you’re done.


The Dakota Fire Hole is the only fire lay that fully complies with the Leave-No-Trace principle of backwoods camping. Leave-No-Trace has become the mantra of wild campers, bushcrafters, stealth campers, conservationists, and ethical outdoors enthusiasts the world over. It even has an organization dedicated to preserving the values it represents. It means that you leave no trace of yourself being on the land that you used.

A responsible outdoors enthusiast that uses a Dakota Fire Hole will always come home feeling good. You’ll leave camp knowing that you left mother nature with no trace of being a human’s home for a night.


With all these wonderful benefits, calling this the best way to build a campfire should be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, this world isn’t perfect for the Dakota Fire Hole. There’s a problem inherent in nature when it comes to building one. It’s been very difficult to overcome, which has unfortunately given the Dakota Fire Hole a less-than-ideal designation.

This is because you need to have ideal soil conditions in order to build one. It takes its name from the Dakota tribe of the Great Plains, where the Dakota Fire Hole was first developed. On the plains, the topsoil is deep, fertile, and loamy. It is extremely easy to dig a pit of any size or shape with little trouble.

However, these soil conditions are not present in many areas of the world. In many places, the soil is sandy or rocky. Often, there are large tree roots matting just beneath the topsoil. You may even find the ground is boggy or frozen to several inches deep. These many different soil conditions are difficult or impossible to build a Dakota Fire Hole in. And they exist in many parts of the world. Due to this, many people have relegated the use of this fire lay to when they find “the ideal campsite”.


StealthFyre is the solution to this age-old problem. The crew at Guerrilla Tactical Outdoors spent 5 years refining a concept that began years ago. We found ourselves struggling to build a Dakota Fire Hole in the rugged mountains of Western Montana one day, so we set out with a plan to solve this problem.

The Origin
The Original prototype of StealthFyre Origin, deployed as a Dakota Fire Hole.

First, we designed a simple stove to serve as a support for the structure in any soil condition. We chose our first three deployment locations with much forethought. We wanted to test this stove out in some trying situations. The first location by a mountain creek had loamy soil filled with tree roots. The second was in rocky soil next to a river, and the third was on a sand bar. While the rocky soil was definitely not a pleasant experience, we succeeded on all three occasions and proved the concept works.

StealthFyre Modular Survival Stoves
A compilation of potbelly stoves mounted to Dakota Fire Holes.

Back in the design room, we spent several more years refining the stove to add features. We refined the panel designs to allow the capability to stack panels or connect them in a perpendicular fashion. This allowed the ability to build sealed stoves with chimneys and add baffles within the fire chambers. You can even stack different designs on top of one another for more complex and efficient stoves. It also allowed us to design several accessories.


What we ended up designing was a modular wood burning stove that not only solves the issue of less-than-ideal soil conditions when building a Dakota Fire Hole, but it also has the ability to transform into various other types of stove, like an above ground rocket stove, a barbecue, a meat smoker, or a potbelly stove with a chimney.

What all this means is that StealthFyre has solved the only problem inherent in the Dakota Fire Hole, making it by far the best way to build a campfire. In the process, we produced one of the most exciting new designs in camp stove technology for the 21st century.

Imagine a stove that allows you to build the magnificent Dakota Fire Hole in nearly any soil condition. Now imagine being able to assemble a nearly endless variety of stoves that will suit your needs in the woods.

StealthFyre is the world’s first modular camping stove that allows you the freedom to do what you do best. This is because the modular panels act more like building blocks for stove creation, rather than proprietary parts for a single stove. Whether you’re a daytime hiker or living off the land, StealthFyre is the last stove you’ll ever need. One stove. Endless possibilities. Serious fun.

Are You Ready To Join The Revolution?

All of our stoves are made in the United States on a small scale, and that means the utmost quality. Each kit is made of durable 304 Stainless Steel sheet. Cut, not punched. StealthFyre is not a mass produced product by a massive corporation. It’s the innovative ambitions of an American family wanting to make this wonderful new idea available to the world.

When you purchase your new StealthFyre Modular Survival Stove, you’ll be doing more than getting a great deal on one of the coolest new outdoor products this side of the 21st century. You’ll be doing even more than supporting a small American business. You’ll be helping to bring a revolutionary new era in outdoors adventures to the entire world.