You may find that a certain configuration you wish to build is difficult with the tabs bent as they are. For instance, the elbow tabs can be somewhat cumbersome when assembling them as a roof or a floor and you would prefer them to lay flat, or you need to have more panels with flattened dovetail tabs. In these instances you may wish to use your multi-tool to lay the tabs flat for a better fit.

This will indeed produce satisfactory results. But please be aware of these two things beforehand. Repeatedly bending stainless steel at sharp angles creates focused heat that hardens the steel. This makes it brittle and susceptible to breakage. Your StealthFyre warranty ONLY covers manufacturer defects such as missing or deformed slots and tabs.

We recognize the usefulness of having some or many panels without bent tabs. But we strongly advise that if you do it properly. Bend them flat with a pliers and then pound the remaining bend as flat as you can with a hammer or rock. Remember, DO NOT attempt to re-bend them again.

Make sure that this is a decision you will be happy with BEFORE you make the attempt, and understand that these panels may become difficult or impossible to use in other configurations. These will become proprietary panels for your intended configuration. If you follow this advice your StealthFyre panels will continue to give you many years of dependable use and satisfaction.