A Shoutout To The Friends And Partners Of StealthFyre

The StealthFyre Modular Stove System has only been available for a short time, but we’ve already developed some awesome relationships. We introduced StealthFyre to the world little more than a year ago, and you’ve already inundated us with eager questions! Many of you have been more than willing to work with us to help get the word out about StealthFyre. For that we’re eternally grateful.

It’s all thanks to you that we’ve been graced with the tremendous success we’ve experienced in such a short time. And because of this, I’m establishing and dedicating this page as a hall of records. Here we’ll share the growing list of friends and partners that StealthFyre is making as we establish ourselves in the world of camp and survival stoves.

Independent reviews are extremely important for new products. And that’s especially true for something as radically different as our StealthFyre Stoves. Without your reviews and feedback, introducing StealthFyre to the world would be a tremendous undertaking.

Thank you all so much! You mean the world to us.

As for everyone else, if you want to hear what others are saying about StealthFyre, check out these channels and organizations below!

YouTube Channels Sponsored By StealthFyre


Greg Hilton over at TheStrive2Survive reached out to us early on, and has been a close friend ever since. Greg is a great guy and he’s gone above and beyond what we expected when we signed up to sponsor him. Thank you, Greg!

YouTube channel –  https://youtube.com/c/strive2survive

Website – https://thes2spodcast.wordpress.com/

Bio: TheStrive2Survive – Prepping, guns and gear. Greg, founder of TheS2S, is 53 years old and has over 40 years of experience spending time in the woods camping, hunting, fishing and shooting sports (mostly handgun). He has also worked in armed security for one of the largest security companies in the US during that time where he developed much of his experience with firearms. Greg currently resides in Mississippi where he lives a simple, quiet life with his wife, Adrienne and their dog, Sofie.

YouTube Influencers

Two Knife Guys B.C. Bushcraft

Michael Blecich is an awesome dude from Canada that we came into contact with early on in 2020. He reached out showing interest in helping us get exposure, and we put an Origin Deluxe in his hands. He’s had a lot of fun with his stove already, and he’s planning even more in the summer of 2021!

Colin Russell Scottish wild camper

Colin Russell’s one crazy character! He wanted to work with StealthFyre a year ago. And even though he’s over in Scotland, we sent him a stove so he could capture some great times on his adventures in the Scottish wilds.

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGPqqjhbSQNsKHVrARsvu-Q/featured

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/colin.russell.779

Instagram: @colinrussellscottishwildcamper

Bio: My name is Colin Russell, I’m 46 and have always loved the great outdoors as it’s good for the soul. I stay on the West coast of Scotland, but wild camp all over Scotland all year round in snow, hail, rain, storms and sunshine. I do a lot of backpacking/hiking and even some kayaking/canoeing as well. I also do a lot of campfire cooking as you will see if you tune in to my Youtube channel.

Budding Relationships

Fully Mission Capable Overland

Travis Veilleux and I were recently put into contact with one another. He’s a veteran and an overlanding fanatic. He fell in love with this stove just recently and was super excited to try it out on his overlanding adventures. He’s already excited to roll in his rig with our logo proudly displayed, and this guy’s only just gotten hold of a StealthFyre stove !

Marty Bartram, BHA-AFI Liaison to NC BHA, Fort Bragg BHA-AFI Chapter Secretary

Marty and I were put into contact with each other at the same time as I met Travis. Marty’s the Chapter Secretary of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers out of Fort Bragg, N.C. This is a particularly exciting partnership for us, because the BHA has its origins just north of here in the wonderful state of Montana. He also just began working with us, so we’re eager to see how the future turns out!