StealthFyre is a multi-fuel camp stove in a class of its own. This is the only stove on the market geared towards survival with a modular system of building blocks that allow the creation of any type of stove, including an ultralight pocket rocket and a large potbelly stove for hot tent camping.

Four standard panel styles that can be connected on all six axes. A modular camp stove that frees you to build the camp you desire. And it all packs up small enough to fit in a backpack, saddlebag, or under the car seat. StealthFyre is the last camp stove you will ever need.

Imagine owning a survival stove that:
Allows you to choose how much you carry and how it’s deployed.
Allows you to conceal your flame when the need arises.
Works with nearly every cooking accessory you own.
Can do more than just cook or heat a primitive shelter.


What makes Stealthfyre special


Born of American Ingenuity

Our Stoves Are Proudly Made in The U.S.A.