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Long ago, Prometheus stole the secret of fire from the gods. Today, you can give it as a gift!

Not sure which kit to give that special pyro in your life? A gift card for the purchase of their favorite stove is sure to warm their heart!

Emailed gift cards include instructions for redemption. Gift cards have no additional processing fees.


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Bush Runner, Deuce, Origin, Origin Deluxe, Guerilla Master, Origin Deluxe Special Edition, $50

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Stealthfyre Bush Runner

Stealthfyre Bush Runner


Stealthfyre Deuce

Stealthfyre Deuce


Stealthfyre Origin

Stealthfyre Origin


Stealthfyre Origin Deluxe

Stealthfyre Origin Deluxe


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Born of American Ingenuity

Our Stoves Are Proudly Made in The U.S.A.