The StealthFyre stove has been a complete game changer for us and our hiking trips. With a compact and portable design we have elevated our trips to the next leve with this revolution in stove technology. We would highly recomend this stove for anyone who is looking for something modular and portable for future trips.

It truly makes cooking and traveling even easier than before and we look forward to every trip that we take now.

Johnathan D.

I Live on the coast

I Live on the coast and camp on the beach quite often. Have you ever tried to make a Dakota fire hole in sandy soil? I’ll tell you now, it don’t work! With the StealthFyre stove, I can make a hard to see fire to keep me warm and to cook with. I also do a lot of camping in the forest and during fire season the StealthFyre stove has kept me from getting fined for having a campfire, the ranger took one look at it and said she wishes everybody out in dispersed camping would use one (I spent somewhere around an hour showing her how it worked with some of the extra panels I wasn’t using) overall it has been a great addition to my camping kit and I am looking forward to using it more.

Troy Scott

I love this stove.

I love this stove. It stays behind the seat of my truck so I have access to it wherever I’m at. My all time favorite camping stove. Assembling it in various configurations is almost as much fun as cooking on it. Can’t wait until next camping season so I can break it out again !

Dustin Rockney

This stove is way more fun than I expected.

This stove is way more fun than I expected. I spent all last summer building a primitive shelter to use it in and now I find myself always preoccupied with thoughts of getting back out there. StealthFyre is so much fun to build and use!

Richard Carville
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