The elbow tabs on your panels may become slightly bent out of shape from time to time. This can make it difficult to connect your panels together. But you can easily bring them back to spec with a pair of pliers like those found on many multi-tools. Even if you accidentally step on a panel, it may still be possible to bend your panels back into shape.

Perhaps you accidentally stepped on a panel and seriously damaged one or more tabs. You can reshape them with a combination of methods. Corners bent from dropping may be able to be pounded flat again. You can do this with a hammer or a rock and a hard, flat surface. If they are bent over and flattened into the surface, prying them away with a flat screw driver or similar tool might be needed before you can grab it with a pliers and return it to it’s original position.

The surface of the panel may become distorted around the tab during this process. You can use a hammer or rock to gently tap it flat again, but be very careful not to smash the neighboring elbow tab you just repaired! You can do this by using a small vise to press the surface flat.