5 Survival Shelters Suitable For Indoor Fire, And How To Build Them

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When building a survival shelter, one of the most important considerations is how to start and maintain a fire. An indoor fire not only provides warmth but also offers cooking capabilities and can help ward off animals. Here are some types of survival shelters that are suitable for an indoor fire.


A Cabin on a mountain top.

A Cabin is a popular survival shelter that provides ample space and is perfect for harsh winter conditions. You can build it using various materials, including logs, branches, or tarp, and you can heat it with a wood stove or fireplace. To build a cabin, start by laying a foundation and then constructing the walls, roof, and door. Add insulation and a chimney for the stove or fireplace.

Earth Lodge

survival shelter
An Earth Lodge built by the Pawnee tribe.

You can construct an Earth Lodge from logs, sod, or adobe, creating a semi-subterranean structure. It offers exceptional shelter during cold or wet weather and can utilize a fire pit or stove for heating. To build an earth lodge, start by digging a hole and then building the frame and walls. Cover the roof with a layer of sod and add a vent or chimney for the fire.


survival shelter
Tipis under the Northern Lights

Native Americans used Tipis, a portable shelter made of animal hides or canvas. You can easily assemble and disassemble them, and they can be heated with a Dakota Fire Pit or camp stove. To build a tipi, start by laying down poles in a circular formation and then wrapping them in canvas or hides. Create a smoke hole at the top for ventilation.


survival shelter
An Igloo in the mountains.

An Igloo is a dome-shaped shelter made of snow blocks and is ideal for snowy conditions. It can be heated with a fire pit or stove, although the use of an open flame inside an igloo is not recommended. To build an igloo, start by compacting snow into blocks and then stacking them in a spiral formation to create a dome. Add a tunnel for entry and ventilation.


survival shelter
A Quinzhee in the forest.

A Quinzhee is a type of snow shelter made by digging out a pile of snow and then letting it harden(sinter) into a dome-shaped structure. It is suitable for snowy conditions and can be heated with a fire pit or stove. To build a quinzhee, start by piling up snow into a mound and then letting it harden for several hours. Dig out the inside to create a living space and add a tunnel for entry and ventilation.

Safety Is A Top Priority

When building an indoor fire in any of these shelters, safety is a top priority. Be sure to use proper ventilation and fire safety precautions. One way to make a safer and more efficient fire is by using StealthFyre. This portable wood stove allows you to build a chimney suitable for cabins, earth lodges, igloos, and quinzhees. The Dakota Fire Pit configuration of our stove can also be used in certain shelters such as the tipi. With the freedom to build your stove any way you choose, you can rest assured that you will have a warm and safe shelter in any survival situation.