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Stealth Fire: Why You Need To Know What It Is, And Why It’s So Important.

‘”On the run? Have you been labeled a target?
Maybe an operative for Russia because you didn’t support Hillary during the last election?
Perhaps you have been driven into bankruptcy and off your property, and must live off the land in some capacity. Perhaps you don’t want to draw looters or predatory opportunists to your camp.
In a worst case scenario, there could be martial law, or even a civil war in the country.'” – An excerpt from, Stealth Fire: How to Build a Concealed Campfire, and Other Tricks to “Stay Invisible”, by Freedom Outpost

I don’t think I could write a more succinct explanation of why knowing how to build a stealth fire is important today. With the current political atmosphere weighing heavily on the world and the very real possibility of global war and economic collapse, The entire world is one spark away from a conflagration.

Why then is knowing how to make a stealth fire so important for your survival? Well, first and foremost, it’s pretty much the only means by which you can secure a cooking and heating fire without alerting anyone to your presence. This is because it produces little to no smoke and the fire remains below ground, minimizing the light signature.

What you need to know about these abilities is pretty self-evident once you hear they exist. But what is a stealth fire, exactly? Well, it’s really just another name for the Dakota Fire Pit, albeit a much more descriptive one. We’ve written extensively about the Dakota Fire Pit in the past. You can read that HERE.


“”First off, the Dakota fire pit is the only option for staying tactical.  It’s the only campfire you can build where the flames remain invisible.  Also, the fire burns so hot that it reduces the smoke output, which is optimal for avoiding detection.
The fire remains hot and burns steadily because of the chimney and airway tunnel.  When the fire burns in the main pit it forces all of the hot air out the chimney, allowing no air in from that hole.  The resulting effect is that it creates a suction-like action that forces fresh air down the airway tunnel to the fire base, feeding the fire with plenty of oxygen.”” – An excerpt from, Stealth Fire: How to Build a Concealed Campfire, and Other Tricks to “Stay Invisible”, by Freedom Outpost

Freedom Outpost makes some very valid points. Points that we’d like to use as a segway to introduce you to a very special product. It’s called StealthFyre, and for a very good reason. We designed our collapsable, portable stove system around the concept of a Dakota Fire Pit. And we did so in order to make the most stealthy, versatile, compact, and tactical wood burning stove available today.

Hands Down, The BEST Stove You’ll Ever Find

And we aren’t just blowing smoke. That’s the whole point. StealthFyre doesn’t blow smoke, we mean what we say. Firstly, our stove is made to be a Dakota Fire Pit so that it doesn’t produce smoke or light signatures. But more than that, our special design allows you to build way more than just a simple fire pit. Think of StealthFyre as Legos™ for fire.

A compilation of several Potbelly Stoves made with StealthFyre.

With our stove system, you can configure your stove in nearly infinite ways from a small rocket stove up to a full-size potbelly stove replete with a chimney. As far as tactical goes, when your goal is survival, there’s no stove more tactical than one that can be set up as a rocket stove on the go, turned into a smokeless fire pit overnight, and then configured as a potbelly stove to install in the bug out shelter at your destination.


If you think having the ability to make a stealth fire in emergency situations is a useful skill to have, then you should really look into our product line. We offer various kits that can all combine with one another to give you even more versatility. All of them can be buried in the ground and used like a traditional Dakota Fire Pit, and they can also give you the same functionality when it’s improbable to dig a hole.

This makes StealthFyre the ONLY stove you need in your survival gear collection, because unlike the traditional Dakota Fire Pit, you can build your stealth fire in ANY terrain, above ground or in the dirt. If you’re looking to increase your chance of survival in an apocalyptic situation, there can be no other choice. StealthFyre IS the apocalypse stove you’ve been looking for. Get yours today.