Great news! The very first order of the revolutionary new StealthFyre survival stoves has been placed! We are very excited, but at the same time we have a ton of work that still needs to be done before we can unleash the full potential of StealthFyre.

Although the actual process of cutting our panels will be quick, much still remains to be done by hand, including the precision bending of our unique tab and lock system. What this means is that there will still be a waiting period before we can officially announce all of our unique stoves for sale.

But when they do, our very first run will include a 30 count run Special Edition of our StealthFyre Origin Deluxe kit, which will have enough panels to build our Dakota style fire pit and our Origin kit, and they will also be coming with a very limited run of our Origin Deluxe Grill and Damper Accessory kit! This kit will include enough panels to make a grill and damper for both our small and our larges stoves!

These accessories won’t be available again until a large order can be financed. Please bear in mind that StealthFyre is a grass-roots effort. We are bringing this amazing product to you with nothing but our own blood, sweat, and toil. Only with your help can we bring the StealthFyre Revolution to the world.

So keep a close eye on our website and your email box! Share our link with your friends and follow us @stealthfyre on Instagram! We will update everyone when the first order is ready for shipment, so that you can be the first in line to get one of your own StealthFyre survival stoves before they sell out!