StealthFyre Multi Fuel Stove

A Multi Fuel Stove For Multiple Options in The Wilderness

When designing the StealthFyre stove system, there were several aspects we considered. Chief among them was the ability to function using the concept of multi fuel. Being that the original design was based on the Dakota Fire Hole, the best(and freely available) fuel is definitely wood and organic debris like twigs and leaves.

We chose our panel dimensions to support a wide variety of ultralight liquid fuel burners and their tanks. The horizontal slots in each panel were added to accommodate the inclusion of our add-on grill accessories that allow for the positioning of your flame to suit other fuel sources. These two considerations combined with the concept of the Dakota Fire Hole make for the single most versatile survival stove on the market today. 

Wood And Organic Debris


Multi fuel Camp Stove
Deuce Potbelly Stove

Small sticks, twigs and other organic debris work best for these configurations, making the Bush Runner and Deuce kits ideal for the adventurer that doesn’t carry large cutting and chopping tools. These kits can make between 2 and 4 small rocket stoves that can be used simultaneously. The small rocket stove configurations are all fed through a small entry on one side of the stove. The horizontal slots provide a staged combustion process which helps cut down on the smoke produced and increase the heat output.

If you want a long lasting burn, deploy your StealthFyre multi fuel stove as a Dakota Fire Hole. Then you can pack it densely with upright standing sticks and have a Swedish Fire Log style fire. You can then pile your tinder on top and light it. Your fire will burn down instead of up, which will moderately conserve your fuel and prolong the burn.


Pit Style Camp Stove
Dakota Fire Hole style fire

Our Origin based stoves are much larger than the smaller Bush Runner designs, with the flagship design offering at least 81sq inches of space to build your fire. This allows for the use of much larger pieces of wood. While the tunnel opening provided by the Origin tunnel wall panels will accommodate small branches up to 4 inches in diameter, deploying your Origin stove as a Dakota Fire Hole will allow for even larger chunks of wood. And depending on the length you build your pit, these sticks and branches can be up to 18 inches long.

Barbecue Briquettes


Multi fuel Camp Stove
Barbecuing with the Bush Runner

The easiest method to use briquettes is to deploy your multi fuel stove as a Dakota Fire Hole. Build a small fire in the bottom and gradually feed the briquettes into the pit until they begin to burn. Then pack the pit full. This will function very much like a charcoal chimney. Alternatively, you can simply use a charcoal chimney to start your briquettes. And then dump them into the pit once they are all glowing.


Being that the Origin based configurations are so much larger than our Bush Runner based designs, a different method must apply for using briquettes. When using the Origin panels in above ground assemblies, you can easily use two or more rectangular panels with unbent dovetail tabs to create a raised bed for the coals. All you need to do is insert them into the third row of horizontal slots from the top of the panels.

The horizontal slots found throughout our panel system will provide enough oxygen to keep your coals hot. We suggest you use at least one set of tunnel wall panels to provide a sufficient air intake at the base of the coals. If you have upgraded your kit or purchased the Origin Deluxe Special Edition kit, you will have access to our grill accessories which will provide better airflow and air intake control when deploying your stove as a Dakota Fire Hole.

Lacking our accessories, you can still have a properly raised bed for your coals. Products like the Expedition Research brand Bushcraft Grill can be used both on top of our stoves, and inside. We’ve successfully created a raised bed for coals by using small stones placed along the edges of the pit. We secure them with packed soil and create a channel down the middle to the tunnel opening. And then we place the Expedition Research Bushcraft Grills over top. 

Ultralight Liquid Fuel Burners


Liquid burners can be used with many of our configurations. But make sure you have a method of reaching in to adjust or turn off your burner. The chamber and anything inside of it will be hot. A needle nose pliers is generally a suitable option.


Multi fuel Camp Stove
Brewing coffee with our smallest stove

Our Bush Runner series of multi fuel stoves is nearly the perfect size for most alcohol/isopro/white gas-based canister stoves, with the 8oz isopro canisters being the ideal size to fully fit inside your tower. StealthFyre functions as a windbreak when used with liquid fuel burners, making it ideal for focusing that much-needed heat in windy conditions. 

Please be aware though, many of these ultralight burners have piezoelectric ignition systems that contain plastic parts. We’ve experienced catastrophic failure with such burners, and thus advise choosing a simpler, lighter weight design that lacks plastic parts if you wish to use your stove in this manner.


Our larger configurations can still function with your ultralight burners exactly the same as with our smaller stoves. The added benefit here would be in the increased surface area which will support much larger pots and pans, and a chamber large enough to heat them. It is even possible to find larger, hotter burning propane burners much like those that Volcano Grills offers for their amazing multi fuel grill that will fit and work in a Dakota style deployment.

Solid Fuel Tablets


We took solid fuel tablets into consideration when designing our stove as well. And the series of horizontal slots found on the surface of each panel reflects that. The set of horizontal slots found just under the StealthFyre logo are intended specifically for using solid fuel tablets.

By assembling the rocket style stove configuration and installing a small square panel horizontally in this location, you create a solid surface area to place your tablet just a few inches below your cookware. This type of fuel is great for boiling water for dehydrated meals. But is not suitable for grilling fresh meats and vegetables, and in fact, may be toxic. 


These stoves are honestly too large to be conservative with solid fuel tablets, but you may still wish to use them in this manner. If so, the same rule should apply as with the Bush Runner series, except that you will use TWO rectangular panels to create your raised surface. You will be able to support larger pots and pans with this setup, but you will also need to use more tablets to generate enough heat. We suggest three to five tablets for these configurations.

Are You Ready To Join The Revolution?

All of our stoves are made in the United States on a small scale, and that means the utmost quality. Each kit is made of durable 304 Stainless Steel sheet. Cut, not punched. StealthFyre is not a mass produced product by a massive corporation. It’s the innovative ambitions of an American family wanting to make this wonderful new idea available to the world.

When you purchase your new StealthFyre Modular Survival Stove, you’ll be doing more than getting a great deal on one of the coolest new outdoor products this side of the 21st century. You’ll be doing even more than supporting a small American business. You’ll be helping to bring a revolutionary new era in outdoors adventures to the entire world.