You can make charcoal.

We all know charcoal is an extremely useful material. You can make it easily with your StealthFyre stove. First, deploy it in a trench as a Dakota Fire Hole and build a strong fire. Get yourself a good bed of glowing coals. Then fill the pit as full as you can with chunks of wood.

Once the flames have caught the fuel, seal up both pits. Then let the wood smolder overnight. When you uncover your stove in the morning you should find several good size pieces of charcoal. These can then be used for grilling meat, heating your shelter, stoking a furnace, or making gunpowder and medicine.


You can make mud and clay bricks.

Bricks are easy to make with the StealthFyre Modular Stove System. The panels can be assembled to create molds of several different square and rectangular sizes. These shapes are ideal for making mud bricks. Bricks can be made using river bed clay, or a mixture of mud and dried grass, sometimes called adobe or cob. Bricks are useful in several areas of primitive construction such as building shelter walls, ovens, and cisterns.

Simply pack your clay or mud and grass mix into the mold, filling it to the second set of horizontal slots. Then lift the mold off of your brick and allow it to dry in the sun. Clay bricks can be baked in a fire to increase their durability, but mud bricks will crumble and fall apart.


You can make a container.

By assembling the wall panels to create a square or rectangle and then adding panels to create a floor, you can turn your panels into a bucket for moving dirt and debris. By lining it with a garbage bag or other suitable liner you can carry more than a gallon of water, or use it as a washbasin.

Four wall panels assembled in the fashion of a tunnel can be lined with a small bag and used as a water pitcher or large drinking container. If you have enough panels you can even assemble a vertical shelving system to organize gear at camp.