StealthFyre is several types of survival stove in one kit. This eliminates the need to own several different stoves. With StealthFyre, you’ll be able to build any style stove you need. And you can expand your stove system at will by adding more panels to your collection.

StealthFyre is also a smokeless fire that leaves no trace when used as a Dakota Fire Hole. What’s more, StealthFyre allows you to conceal your flame by keeping it below ground where it can’t be seen. This is perfect in instances where you need fire but prefer to go unnoticed.

You can also easily share the weight when group camping. Or if your friends have one, deploy them together for greater experiences. Its compact size means you can carry a few panels in your pocket for day hikes. You can store our largest stoves nearly anywhere. There’s really not many reasons you wouldn’t need a StealthFyre survival stove.